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Site of Thomas and Wolfgang Merkle, the graphics designers of Reason's User Interface as well as the Graphics of the Red Stripe Mod and creators of the Infernalizer ReBirth Mod.

reFuse Software Leigh has done a tremendous job of creating a Standalone Max/MSP patch that routes ReWire to the Direct Connect Plug In for Pro Tools. If you use Reason or ReBirth and Pro Tools on MacOS 8/9, reFuse will bridge the gap. Please read all the documented info, because it's not a simple procedure to get the connection working and synchronized!

Simon Morton

Simon has some Cakewalk Studioware Panels for controlling Reason with Cakewalk

Craig Anderton

Mr. Anderton has produced a printed book which provides some helpful tutorials for people new to Reason


Logic Audio Environment Macros for Reason, but this is such an interesting site, you should take a look around.


Without a Doubt, Reasonstation is the premiere resource for Reason Users on the Web. Listen to song contributions and participate in their active discussion groups

Pete Yandell

Pete has developed custom MacOS X drivers for the Roland UM-1 USB Audio Interface. Pete is also developing some of his own OS X audio shareware

Mattias Shill

Mattias offers a cool shareware application for ReBirth Users which gives a "Matrix" like interface for programming ReBirth 303 patterns :-)

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