RB V2.0

Saturday, July 18th, 1998 | 5:18 pm and filed in ReBirth.

Welcome fellow ReBirth V2.0 users. Here are a few glimpses of MODs currently available or in development. Heh, this site is still being put together since i’m a total novice still. Trying out Dreamweaver from Macromedia (this application is frggin great!).

The MODs are Free for your enjoyment. However some of the MODs are ones that i have created for the development of songs and remix ideas. Use of the MODs for commercial song development may violate some copyright laws, but if you wish to publish your own remix of a particular track from one of my work mods, please contact me.

Click on the splash screen to get more information on the ReBirth 2.0 MODs. Screenshots and some Sample MP3 files are available for you to listen to. Not all are fully complete, but they can be downloaded and used.

Please Contact me if you come across some problems with the particular mod. You can email me at joypeff@hotmail.com.

I’m always interested in hearing tracks, too. Please send me some that you create on my mods.

Thanks and enjoy,


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