Alpha3 and TB KodeVoder Mods

Wednesday, July 22nd, 1998 | 5:20 pm and filed in ReBirth.

I’ve revised the Graphics on Alpha3 a bit, took AnthonyEID’s advice and made the 808 and 909 frame accurate numbers. BUT the sounds still need to be set, so i don’t suggest downloading this one.

Hami (binary edit/rhythm ace) likes the dejenerate mod so much that he’s going to be revising the GUI and were collaborating on a general version. I’ve inserted some very realistic sounding Drums on the 909 which sound great with shuffle. They have a nice balance with ambient reverberation. These samples are from the Bob Clearmountain Drum Series. They are normally Stereo Samples which sound phenomenal, but even in mono on rebirth they are pretty cool. Check back to see when it’s ready for download. Ive uploaded a track called “OXIDE.MP3″ which is a rough…really rough demo of this mod.

I’ve Added the TB-909e KodeVoder mod. Which has the standard TB-909e interface and a bunch of Vocoder Samples off of a Korg VC-10. There’s an MP3 demo available of this mod.

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