ReWire and Cubase VST/24 4.0

Tuesday, July 28th, 1998 | 5:23 pm and filed in ReBirth.

Working on the MODs a little bit more, but spreading myself thin. I might have to quit the day job:-) RB2.0 has been pretty integral lately in production of stuff so there’s not much time for obsessing over mods.

I started up a demo of Cubase VST/24 4.0 with ReWire and ReBirth 2.0 and I can honestly say that this is really really amazing. Even if you don’t run any effects with VST, or even add midi sequences or extra audio tracks, having the power to individually pan the sounds is so cool! I mamaged to get all rewire inputs running fairly smoothly on my 604e/233 with no additional audio hardware. Even with some dsp effects running, i still managed to use VST and ReWire fairly easily. Now I definitely have a G3 or a G3 upgrade processor on my wish list!

One special note - VST and ReWire didn’t crash :-) but bear in mind that i wasn’t programming a sequence. I was just mixing one down from a preset sequence. Check out Fred’s cool mix on the ReBirth 2.0 CD

I’ve taken some screenshots of ReWire and VST. Mind you i’m a long time Logic Audio User, and I don’t really like Cubase 3.5, but Cubase 4.0 is much faster and ReWire is so worth the investment (Thank goodness for the competitve upgrade plan)

This has a lot of potential…Especially with multichannel I/O cards and MDR’s like ADATs and DA-88’s. My next project might encompass taking a rebirth track, and tracking it to ADAT, then Mixing it down on my Neotek Series II console. Ah, but i need to get a I/O Card first:-P

I’ve also switched to Netscape 4.5 Preview Release 1… Which is a hell of a lot more stable than 4.05 i highly recommend it.

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