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Friday, August 7th, 1998 | 5:57 pm and filed in ReBirth.

What??!! Another One? Well not really, I’m cheating by reusing the same old GUI for the Techno Box, but this time i’ve adapted the original Techno Box by Mac Junkie for ReBirth RB-338 2.0. The 909 Section contains the TB-909e Samples while the 808 Section has the original set of MJ’s Techno Box samples.

I’ll make the mod available soon without a finished demo song. As far as the GUI goes, i think most people already know what it looks like ;-)

A bit of Background info on the Original Mac Junkie Techno Box:

This was probably the 3rd mod of ReBirth to emerge, and the second mod to completely change the GUI of ReBirth v1.0. The First mod, (that i had seen) was created by “ma baker”, which had 909 samples replacing the 808 samples. The second mod was created by “po[ar” which used loops and miscellaneous sound effects.

Mine was the first 808 GUI modification (not really sure about this), but “Breaker” was the first to competely modify the interface for the “ma baker 909″.

After Finishing the original Techno Box, I made the variation of the TB-909e, which thanks to Acid Mother, was adapted to the Win95/NT platform, and finally accepted by the Propellerheads with the “Official” status. (They were pretty strict back then, one of the criteria being that the mod needed to work cross-platform)

Well after about a year of doing this stuff, I’m pleased to announce the official Re-Introduction of the original Techno Box for RB-338 2.0

It will be available very soon;-)


P.S. “Axiom” is under a big revision at this time…The aliasing on the fonts really has me irritated, so i’m going to redo all of the text, however the samples are set.

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