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Dejenerate Oxydized Edition finished!

Tuesday, August 4th, 1998

Still Hot Here!!!
Hami has finished the Dejenerate Oxydized edition. Ready for Download Check it out, it’s quite impressive looking, in my opinion. The demo song leaves something to be desired - i tried using the pcf filter frequency to simulate scratching.
Also a bit of news for MacUsers there’s rumored to be […]

Axiom beta!

Monday, August 3rd, 1998

It’s a Hot One here today! Rarely do i need air conditioning, but today is an exception…I guess i’ll go get some sun instead, but I have posted a copy of AXIOM(b4).rbm Graphics are still the same, but the samples have been slightly modified/changed.
any suggestions before i make it final?
Email me at

Progress on the Axiom Mod

Saturday, August 1st, 1998

I’ve finished a “very” rough version of AXIOM, but the sound set is not finalized. I started digging out some other gear to sample for it — not good since i get easily distracted playing with the stuff…
In the meantime, ive put together a list of some of the equipment i use to record samples […]