Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 24th, 1998 | 9:14 pm and filed in peff.

Well, due to lack of HD space on the Niftywerks FTP server, theMinimod Download is going to have to wait, however, you can download a preview version. The final version will be slightly different, so check back soon for an update:)

Hami has just updated the Computer Controlled Website, and I did a small history of how “Mods” got started…as far as i know how it happened. If anyone has any comments, corrections, or amendments, please let me know.

I was watching the Christmas Broadcast from St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican and I couldn’t help noticing that the Pope uses Neumann Microphones! Hehe, I guess that isn’t really surprising. I’ve heard of other Churches having stock piles of old U-47’s, and it only seems natural that the most amazing Cathedral in the World has the most amazing microphones in the world!

Odd Twisted Thought: It’s a bit ironic that the Pope and Howard Stern actually have something in common–they use the same brand of microphones.

I’m not really sure about all this since the logo was rather blurred on the screen, but I could make out a red diamond on the side of the mic. In the spirit of imitative flattery, i’ve been designing some new logos around other famous logos from the Audio world. One of my favorites being Roland (naturally), and another one of my favorites being Telefunken (German Audio Company which was the predecessor to the current Neumann gmbh)

The new start page of my site has one of the new logo ideas, and below is the second idea:

I’ve also revised my pages for more rebirth mods that you can download off the internet from other mod makers pages, as well as other cool ReBirth ReLated sites.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday!

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