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Wednesday, August 25th, 1999 | 9:35 pm and filed in Music.

MP3:: I have a couple of new tracks available. Keep Going [Funky House Mix] which has been online for awhile and Rays of Dawn [eclipse mix], a remix of an original song by Tokyo3

RBM:: Well, Hami has fallen off the face of the planet, so the final touches for the graphics of Dejenerate Oxydized Edition are on hold. You can get a preview of the new knobs in the RBM listing, and I will probably put a beta test version of the mod on Computer Controlled’s ftp server soon. Check back here for more information.

There is another very interesting project in the works right now…and I’m not talking about project X either ;-)

MOV:: The animations are off-line temporarily while the server is upgraded this week.

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