Archer Credits

Sunday, February 13th, 2000 | 10:28 pm and filed in Reason, Music.

MP3:: I’m such a dumbass! I keep forgetting to post my thanks to T.G.Virus and SpinThis! for the sample production on Archer.

REASON:: I used a sample from the Metallicon+ Mod from the ReBirth CD. This sample was loaded into a sampler module and routed through a Filter effect. The Matrix sequenzer modulated the Filter for a PCFish type of sound. The Scratches were originally intended for the track, Keep Going, but I used them in Archer instead. I took a few seconds of Spin’s Scratching, imported it into ReCycle, and Created an REX file. The Scratch.REX file was then loaded into Reason’s Dr.REX player. A MIDI track in Reason’s sequencer controlled the REX segment playback.

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