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Tuesday, February 15th, 2000 | 5:39 pm and filed in Reason, Music.

REASON:: I’ve posted some detailed Information about the track Archer [Mix 2]. This chart details what sounds are synthesized, the loops used, and the samples used. Also the effects and control voltage modulations of the various devices.

Tage sent me this e-mail:

“BTW - On the NAMM show, Marcus was asked to make a bitmap of a full rack to show in a powerpoint presentation. Unfortunately he picked the Archer rack and went to work. The final bitmap was something like 6700 pixels high with a few devices still folded. That would mean a rack some three meters high stuffed with gear :) /Tage”

3 meters high - That’s a lot of gear :-)


Archer [Mix 2]

by Peff. Made with Propellerhead Software Reason.

Reason Modules Used: 34 Apple PowerMac 8500 G3/300 192Mb RAM
Comp-01 Final Mix Compression  

reMIX mixer

reMIX mixer #2 Chained

RV-7 Digital Reverb

CF-101 Chorus/Flanger

PH-90 Phaser

DDL-1 Digital Delay Line

Matrix Sequenzer: CV Curve Modulating Panning

Dr: REX playing funky drum break ReCycle file (164Kb) Comp-01 Compressing Break.REX
Dr: REX with Amen loop ReCycle file (316Kb)  
Dr: REX Playing Wah-Wah loop ReCycle File (384Kb) Slices Panned to various positions
Dr: REX Playing Scratch loop ReCycle File (772Kb)  
Dr: REX Playing 303 sequence ReCycle File (568Kb) Comp-01 Compressing 303.REX
Subtractor: Bass  
Subtractor: Ring Modulation FX  
Subtractor: Reedy/Accordian sound  
Subtractor: Pad sound Matrix Sequenzer: Modulating Filter
Subtractor: Organ sound  
Subtractor: Second Pad sound  
Subtractor: Crash/Noise splash  
Subtractor: FM lead

Matrix Sequenzer: Modulating Filter

D-11 Distortion

NN19 Sampler: Intro Stereo rumble sample (992Kb)
NN19 Sampler: Metallicon+ Vox Sample (336Kb)

ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter

Matrix Sequenzer: Modulating ECF Envelope trigger/CV Curve Modulating Panning on reMIX#2

NN19 Sampler: Tweaked Guitar Chord Sample (632Kb)
Subtractor: Drop Bass drum
Dr: REX Playing Electro Loop ReCycle File (468Kb) Comp-01 Compressing Dr: REX

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