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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2000 | 7:16 am and filed in stuff, peff.

TXT:: I’m starting something new here. This page is going to be a little journal for me to keep track of the stuff I’m doing. Not everything will be ReBirth or Propellerheads related, however, since this web page was founded on ReBirth MODs, that will always be the primary focus. I’m not in the habit of keeping journals, but I try to keep the site constantly revised. This seems like a good place to keep a written record of the stuff I’m doing.

MP3:: The Mackie 3204 Mix of Visions is now available from The Pro Tools Mix will be posted separately if people are curious to hear the difference in what I was previously complaining about. Like I said before, No offense to Mackie since they make excellent products, but the work I produce with Pro Tools is consistently better. This might be due to the production techniques involved in the recording process. The Pro Tools mix of the track should be available sometime next week.

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