Apple Cinema Display

Monday, February 28th, 2000 | 7:18 am and filed in Gear.


TXT:: I pulled a classic mac-nubie maneuver yesterday. On my way home from meeting MB in SF, I stopped at Fry’s to pick up my mother a Birthday gift, an Apple Cinema Display (15″ LCD). Her old Apple 15″ monitor is shot, and she needs a new one. So I asked the sales people if it’s backwards compatible with the standard Apple 15 pin D- connector. They acknowledged that it would work, but they were wrong. The new Apple Studio Displays have a Digital Video Interface connector, not the standard VGA analog connector. Mom liked the monitor so much, she wanted me to get her the computer that works with it. So I just finished installing all the software on her new Apple G4/400. Talk about a birthday present - I don’t even have a G4 yet! It’s overkill for a G4 to run Quicken, Excel, and Solitaire. Say if anyone knows of a good solitaire game for MacOS, please e-mail me.

Hey JC: You need a G4 set up like my mom’s! See how little desktop space it takes up!

RBS:: After I finished that MIDI project, I figured it was time to hit ReBirth again. I’ve started up a new track for the RedStripe Mod. Jackplug seems to like this track a lot. It definitely has more of a Drum ‘n Bass feel than the demo I made for the mod. There’s no name for the track yet, it’s just a bunch of patterns.

MP3:: The Pro Tools mix of Visions has been sent off to, but I’m really sick of the track. After all that tweaking it lost it’s groove. This stuff happens.

RBM:: Yeah believe it or not. I think I’m working on a new one. It’s been too long. I started making some noises on the Buchla 200 modular. Some sequential noise stuff filtered, distorted, spring reverbed etc. I started dropping some of these samples into an RBM and came up with some cool patterns. Eventually I’ll finish it up :-)

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