REDD.47 Photos

Friday, June 11th, 2004 | 9:09 pm and filed in Gear.


I’ve been somewhat busy this week playing the role of photographer /product tester for my friend John Hinson of Revolution Recording Equipment. I’m one of the first to procure his new microphone preamp, the REDD47. I’ve been putting my photography skills back to work by doing product images for John’s site.

I’ve been taking some fun artistic gear photos just as a hobby, but now it seems to be turning into a fun side job.

I’ve been doing comparisons of this pre against some of my other preamps like the ever popular vintage Telefunken V72. First off I have to say that this unit sounds quite different in a good way. The V72 gives you a full round sound, but the REDD.47 has a very open high end with an airy quality that one would not expect from a Valve preamp. This is a very unique amp and sounds really good. It makes me wish i had a Telefunken ELA M-251 or U-47 to test through it, but the crazy part is that an SM57 or SM58 sounds really impressive through it!

I lost touch with John for many years, and it’s nice to be back in touch. We had small reunion earlier this week, and it seemed like old times. We sat around catching up on our lives, but the bulk of the conversation turned to gear and technology. Years ago when we had a studio together, John said that I should focus on the computer and synthesizer aspects of music technology…and as fate would have it, here I am! John was definitely a big influence, and i learned a lot about audio electronics from him.

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