Props NA Tour Wraps Up

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005 | 11:45 pm and filed in Propellerhead.


I caught the last evening of the Propellerheads North America Tour at the Apple Store in San Jose. It was nice to meet up with Hayden again and see his presentation. Apple Stores are normally outfitted with a presentation area with a large projector and sound system, making these locations an ideal place to do product demos. Hayden told me that these were pretty painless gigs in terms of setup, since Apple provided just about everything.

I was quite impressed with the presentation. Two Hours seemed to sail right by with a lot of time was spent explaining the combinator as well as the other new features of R3. Pictured: Hayden is showing patches from Lizard’s FSB-01 Workstation Replacement Refill

Following the presentation, a few of us were chatting, and I met this one guy, Zolt, who is working on a Max/MSP patch for ReBirth. It’s an editor that will edit 303 patterns and send them to ReBirth as MIDI events. It was also nice to meet other Reason users and talk shop.

Afterwards, Hayden and I went to dinner along with a new acquaintance, Dan, who is out here for the holidays from Tennessee. As usual, when you get a group of music guys together talking about electronic music stuff, we overstayed our welcome at the restaurant and shut the place down ;-)

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