The Producers Conference - Worldwide

Friday, May 25th, 2007 | 7:53 am and filed in Reason, Propellerhead, Reason Users.


June is going to be an exciting month for Reason Users worldwide! The Propellerhead Software Crew has organized Producers Conferences scheduled in various cities in Europe as well as Tokyo! The schedules are packed with some outstanding artists who use Reason. You can find out more information about the events by visiting:

I’ll be back in Europe in about a week to present at the dates in Copenhagen, Rome, Nottingham, and London. James Bernard and I will be traveling together during this tour, and we’ve planned a few days of respite in Rome to explore the city before heading to the UK. I’m looking forward to visiting Italy for the first time, and especially to meeting fellow Reason Users in all of the cities we’re visiting.

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  1. lagowski Says:

    Hope to meet you in London :-)

  2. Peff Says:

    Hey Andrew, I’ll be around London for a few days and hope to meet up with you.

  3. floobygoop Says:

    Wow! A (partial) European tour? I know you’ll enjoy Rome. I was fortunate to have lived in italy for 2 years (I’m now fluent in Italian), so I’m a bit biased. Wish I could be there! Have fun!

  4. Anders Haugen Says:

    I hope you and props will have a producer conference in Norway once… The actually dates now crashed with my exams and therefore its hard to go to denmark and so…

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