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Thor Step Sequencer Systems Download

Saturday, March 28th, 2009 | 9:31 pm and filed in Reason, ReFill.


The release of the Thor Step Sequencer System Refill is no longer available through the Line6 website. Sorry I completely forgot that the “Expand Your Reason Rack” promotion ended in 2008. I’ve posted the file in the Reason Refill download section and you may download is available here:

Peff 033 - Thor Step Sequencer Systems

For detail information regarding the patches in this refill, please refer to the following page:

Thor Step Sequencer Systems

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  1. Thor Step Sequencer Systems Refill » Synthtopia Says:

    […] Peff has released a free Reason ReFill that focuses on Thor Polysonic Synthesizer’s sequencer. […]

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