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Archer Credits

Sunday, February 13th, 2000

MP3:: I’m such a dumbass! I keep forgetting to post my thanks to T.G.Virus and SpinThis! for the sample production on Archer.
REASON:: I used a sample from the Metallicon+ Mod from the ReBirth CD. This sample was loaded into a sampler module and routed through a Filter effect. The Matrix sequenzer modulated the Filter for […]

Breathe Remix

Friday, December 10th, 1999

MP3:: A new Remix of a track, Breathe by the infamous Tom Aragon and a Swedish performer Lizette is available from my MP3 page. Sorry no ReBirth used on this one. You can find more remixes of Lizette and Tom on the Breathe Remix page.
This marks the change of an era for me. I’m working […]

Birth: Hardware ReBirth

Saturday, November 13th, 1999

JPG:: I’ve added some images from the workbench. Check out “Birth” my hardware equivalent of ReBirth — sort of. It consists of Roland’s TR-909, TR-808, TB-303, and MC-202. All of the units are synchronized via Roland Proprietary DIN Sync cables. A Sherman Filterbank acts as a PCF and Distortion Unit, and I have a Dedicated […]


Wednesday, October 13th, 1999

whew…long time no update!
RBM:: I’ve been busy on a collaborative project which will be released in the near future (estimated time of release: about a month). If you want to hear a preview of this project, check out my latest track, e-priori.
MP3:: This track is currently available for download off my page. It was […]

Remix & Stuff

Wednesday, August 25th, 1999

MP3:: I have a couple of new tracks available. Keep Going [Funky House Mix] which has been online for awhile and Rays of Dawn [eclipse mix], a remix of an original song by Tokyo3
RBM:: Well, Hami has fallen off the face of the planet, so the final touches for the graphics of Dejenerate Oxydized Edition […]

Succubus by Stuart Diamond

Thursday, May 6th, 1999

MP3 :: I’ve got several new tracks available on now. Some are Created exclusively in ReBirth, but they were mastered with a some final compression. Can of VIBE mp3 version sounds really impressive for a rebirth only track. Also I’ve uploaded one of my personal favorite works, Succubus. This track was composed by a […]

Old Songs & New Songs

Saturday, April 24th, 1999

MP3 ::I’ve uploaded some of my non-ReBirth related music to This stuff was created years ago. It’s all synth based however and midi sequenced using a PC with a Roland MPU401 and Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold–DOS of course. Sheesh things have come a long way, baby. The tracks are Temple and Pilgrimage. I’ve also […]