SF Bay Area Reason Users Group

March 13th, 2005

Friday night, a group of Reason users from the SF Bay Area got together to meet up for the first time. The evening was organized by Ed (EditED4TV), and a group of 10 of us met up for dinner in downtown Walnut Creek. It was pretty cool to hang out and talk Reason and finally put faces to the names of people on the Props messageboard. Ed did a great job and even had name tags made for everyone. This might even become a regular thing. Anyone else interested in participating in the next one should contact Ed through the props board.

Reason 3.0

March 11th, 2005

Reason 3.0 is officially released! After several months since the announcement, it’s finally available. Yes, go order it now! If you already have R3.0, I’ve started adding a few small files for R3 on my reason page.

Definitely check out the Combi patches. A lot of us put a lot of time in on these and there are some really nice ones.

Pat Metheny

March 6th, 2005

My Cousin, Sharon, invited me to go see the Pat Metheny Group last week in Oakland at the Paramount Theater. It was pretty cool since she managed to get tickets in the second row center of the theater - practically right in front of Pat and Lyle Mays. I’m not exactly sure how to categorize PMG music especially since it often flows through lifts or from smooth jazz stations, but seeing Matheny perform live is really quite amazing. He has such amazing guitar skills and as an added gear freak bonus, he uses (still) an old Roland GR-300 (or 100?) guitar synthesizer. Actually, he used quite a few odd stringed instruments throghout the show as did every member of the ensemble. It seemed like each person had to play 2 or 3 different instruments through the course of each song. Pat’s Drummer, Antonio Sanchez was really phenomenal. The last time Sharon took me to see PMG, Lyle Mays had a complete Synclavier rig on the tour, but this time i was a little disappointed to see that he was using a couple of Tritons and a Powerbook and a rack sampler with his MIDI Steinway. There was even a track that had an interesting Techno Filtered synth riff patterns that broke out into some Punk Rock sections for the ultimate in fusion. Lyle even picked up a guitar on this track. Still the highlight is watching Pat play the old GR stuff.

PA:: Next Saturday, March 12 I’ll be up in San Francisco giving a little informal Reason 3.0 Demo and Combinator Clinic. The guys at Robotspeak cornered me into it by plying me with barley wine. Anyhoo, it starts at 1:00pm, and hopefully they will have copies of the Reason 3.0 upgrade and full versions. Hopefully GW will join up and share some of his Reason programming knowledge as well.

R3:: If you’re in the UK (actually close to some of the metropolitan areas of the UK), you should go check out James Bernard’s Reason 3.0 Live PA and demonstrations next week. There’s more information on the Propellerhead’s Website. Follow the UK Reason 3.0 Tour Link under the Calendar section.

Melodyne SE

March 1st, 2005

Celemony has really dropped the price of Melodyne SE, so much so that I had to finally pick up a copy. All the things people have said about it are true. It really is a revolutionary piece of technology.

I was hoping for a little better rewire implementation, but it’s quite simply a straight synchronization with Reason channels added to the Melodyne Mixer, but Melodyne Bridge with Pro Tools is really outstanding! In no time I was tweaking PT tracks with some standard pitch editing to some crazy formant shifting.

The Business of ReBirth

February 23rd, 2005

Some old time Propellerhead Software users might recall a survey conducted on the props site a many months ago. Researchers from the Copenhagen Business School were gathering data on the interaction between users and a company, namely the Propellerheads and the rest of us. They sent me a final draft of the research paper that revealed some interesting information about the type of people who use Reason, ReBirth and ReCycle along with the Internet.

Lars Frederiksen and Lars Bo Jeppesen had interviewed me via telephone and email correspondence in the course of their research, and recently they contacted me for a follow-up. Lars Frederiksen is concentrating on the Music Industry, and his PhD dissertation uses the Props as a model of his research. As chance has it, Lars Bo Jeppesen was in California to present a lecture at Stanford Business School, and I met with him earlier this week.

Basically they are trying to figure out why people made ReBirth Mods and gave them away for free, and why some people dedicate so much time to helping fellow Reason users figure out problems. I met with Lars for lunch up in Palo Alto, and we had a really nice discussion about this new style of business relationship where corporations genuinely dedicate their time and interact with their users. There are several different models including some research that involves Lego users who create templates and blueprints to share with other users — and I though some of us Mod makers were crazy! I’m sure Lars disclosed some information thats priveledged, and I shouldn’t divulge some of the names of these financial institutions and game companies. Needless to say, I was quite enlightened about the field of economic sociology.

Power Tools for Reason: The second edition

February 20th, 2005

It’s been a rough week trying to juggle things around. This year, my normal obligations have me quite busy, and it’s been pretty tough trying to switch modes from work to music projects to writing.

The main project occupying my time, has been the revised second edition of Power Tools for Reason. I keep thinking that it seems silly to add the software version number to the title. I might ask to see if this can be changed.

Last time around, i waited until the very end to write the opening chapters, and I cringe everytime I read it. The writing is choppy and lame, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to fix this. In fact, it was a major overhaul, which I’m fairly pleased with now :-)

Metasynth 4.0 Released!

February 19th, 2005

If you haven’t heard yet, Metasynth 4.0 for MacOS X is finally available…finally! I think the mad rush to get the upgrade or demo downloads has eased up, so the server should be easy to access. The new spectrum is really quite interesting. If you’re a metasynth user or just curious about it, visit Metasynthzone.com

Now if we could only get the Props to work on a MacOS X version of ReBirth!