Finally a new CD Burner

March 18th, 2001

TXT:: I finally upgraded my CD Burner and Software… My old Philips 2x has been replaced with the Que!Fire 12x firewire burner and Roxio Toast 5. I can’t beleive how i managed to survive all those 35 minute burns with the 2x. One really nice aspect of Toast 5 is the ability to burn in the background. No more system take over when burning!

All this upgrading is becoming really tedious. I’ve finally brought all my machines up to MacOS 9.1 — yes i know, MacOS X is only a few days away, and apple promises saturday delivery, but I’m not going to install it until I know for certain that my favorite audio applications run on it!

I’ve been having some problems with the new Titanium. Basically the Modem doesn’t like my phone line and ISP. The apple Tech Info Library goes into great detail about how the V.90 compression protocol is flawed - so instead of a 56k, i’m running a 28.8 baud connection - it’s the only way i can stay connected. Pac Bell is supposed to call this week to determine whether or not i can get DSL out here in the sticks. I know i live within the 3 mile radius of the central switch box, but i don’t know if they even have service running to that substation. With the way my luck is running - probably not!

I’ve also had another series of crashes on the Titanium but this was the result of a bug in Internet Explorer and MS Entourage — f8cken Microsoft! Thanks to the resources at, the problem has been solved.

Reason:: There’s more stuff on the way soon. I’ve posting up a new track created exclusively in Reason. It should be available soon. I have to thank Jonas and Wing for providing me with some cool samples to work with.


March 16th, 2001

TXT:: I received an interesting e-mail from Thomas Alker. He’s written a little shareware application called Caps2MIDI. It basically turns your Mac’s Keyboard into a MIDI keyboard for use with your MIDI applications. It’s handy for PowerBook Jockeys who want to trigger notes and samples from a Reason Sampler without carrying around a controller. I’ve put up a little page where you can download the demo version and see a screenshot of the interface.

Caps2MIDI Demo

Reason:: I actually went through and sampled individual notes from the TB-303 and loaded them up into reason. There are 37 individual multisamples of the TB-303 Squarewave with the filter wide open. loaded into an NN19 Sampler. When you add a matrix pattern and tweak the filter, you can sorta get that bubbly acid feel. Look on the Propellerhead site soon for the Fill. I will also try to make a portion of the files available in their raw AIFF format for non Reason users.

Web Life vs. Real Life

March 15th, 2001

TXT:: I’m trying to update the site to include a Reason Button on the Navigation bar. So things have been kinda slow since I’m learning a new web design application.

Plus i’ve been busy running around doing real life stuff :-) Last night I went out to meet some old friends. One of them promotes this party called “Magnum” up in San Francisco. I haven’t seen my friend Scotty in 4 years. The cool part (which i missed) was that my old friend Mark (DJ ? ‘question mark’) was spinning. Maybe next time ? Anyhoo the party was a Harry Denton’s Rouge–don’t get me started about Mr. Denton…I can’t beleive he’s still alive. Rouge is an interesting spot that’s flamboyantly red, ostentatious, totally tasteless elegance.

Times have indeed changed since i used to be part of that circuit…er circus… I met some interesting guys who were out pimping this Website called Nitevibe which is some kind of Club Scene information site.

Reason:: I’ve also been distracted with another Reason Track. Kind of a fruity dnb with lots of cliche sounds. This one came together rather quickly, and I’ll post up the MP3 in the near future. I’m not sure about an RNS though…maybe I wont credit the sample library companies :)

I’m curious to hear what people thing about the exploring FM file. If anyone found it useful or even stupid, please let me know. I have a couple of other sessions tracked out like that. I guess I will post them - someone might find it interesting.

Archer update

March 5th, 2001

Reason:: I’ve added a few files to the Reason Archive as well as the Subscriber’s Archive. First is the revised version of Archer. This one has a few of the loops removed because of copyright issues with the publishers. The other is a little experiment with the subtractor. I basically recorded all the knob tweaks and note/arpeggiator events to a Track in real time. This gives a user an interesting perspective on how to create subtractor patches.


February 28th, 2001

TXT:: Finally it’s here…I’ve spent the last day transferring over files and installing applications to my new powerbook. It’s unbelievably quiet! with the exception of the internal fan which kicks in on occasion when it starts to run a bit hot. As you can see, Reason runs fine on it!

This latest site update is also being created on the new PowerBook. G4/500 ;-)

AMIII Digital Input Behavior

February 25th, 2001

TXT:: I discovered something interesting recently with the AMIII card and Reason and the Digi 5.01 drivers. If you have an external digital clock source connected to the S/PDIF inputs, set the Digidesign control panels to synchronize to the digital inputs, and the Reason CPU usage drops dramatically when set to Sound Manager Output. It rivals the AMIII ASIO drivers, and the latency is only 11ms rather than 87ms with the ASIO drivers. This is being done under MacOS 9.0.4 (I still haven’t upgraded yet).


February 21st, 2001

I received a new aquisition today: a Metasonix TS-21 Hellfire Modulator. This was the thing I ordered through the drum machine museum a few weeks ago. First, let me say this thing is f*cking PHAT. The Vacuum Tube circuitry makes a huge difference in warmth and fidelity, and amazingly this translates to the digital realm quite well! I’ve been running a MC-202 through the Hellfire and tweaking around the 202 filters for some amazing distortion sounds. Here’s a little MP3 sample of this combination being used in a Remix done with Reason: bbhfbass.mp3 (428Kb MP3 file)

I’ve had the opportunity to audition several of the New Metasonix modular devices, and they are equally as impressive as the Hellfire. In all honesty, these devices aren’t for everybody. But if you’re looking for a unique piece to complement your modular collection, then you should seriously consider this stuff. Now if i could only get Peter to write a Hellfire Effect for reason :-)

Did i mention before that Eric Persing at Spectrasonics is a fellow ReBirth user? I guess not. On the Retro Funk Library there is a RB-338 v2 Retro Funk Mod. Unfortunately this file falls under the license agreement and distribution is a no-no. It’s pretty cool though, it has samples from the kits contained in the Library.