Troubles with Spectrasonics

February 15th, 2001

Well, I’ve been busted… I received an E-mail from Eric Persing at Spectrasonics asking me to remove the Archer24Public.RPS file from the web because using a ReCycle’d drum loop from the Retro Funk sample Library is a violation of their licensing policy. I mentioned this might occur in the last newsletter, and it took all of two days to get around. So…if you have the file, please don’t distribute it.

I guess this brings up that age old issue of public distribution of RPS files. If you use samples from a sample library, it’s probably best that you don’t include them as raw files or even ReCycle files. It’s true that you cannot actually extract a sample from a RPS, however, I think it’s fairly obvious that you can solo out the Dr:REX machine and render the output to audio. This feature of RPS files does bother me to a certain extent, but that’s just the way it is.

I will post up a new version of the RPS file sans © loops in the near future.

Drum Machine Museum

February 9th, 2001

I was up in SF today, and dropped in to visit the Drum Machine Museum. This loft studio space in the middle of San Francisco is loaded with wide variety of analog devices as well as collectable beat boxes. Mickey T. was kind enough to allow me and my friend in to check out his extensive collection of vintage rhythm boxes and also let me audition the Metasonix line of Vacuum Tube Synthesizers and Processors. Man that sh%t is PHAT - Really PHAT! Unfortunately, i forgot to bring my Camera with me, but sometime in the future, I’ll remember to bring it along and snap a few images of this cool space.

I also had the opportunity to check out the Technosaurus products…These little units are quite impressive. The Microcon II, Effexor, and Cyclodon are versatile little units build into solid boxes. Kinda like a pocket modular system (Dan B.–you will be pleased with your acquisition :)

Anyhoo, I couldn’t leave without making an aquisition…hehe :) Oh yeah, i almost forgot. The Drum Machine Museum is a friend of the Propellerhead community and fellow Reason User. They May be making ReFills containing REX loops and one-shot samples from the various Rhythm Machines :-)

CC Guest Access

February 7th, 2001

Guest Access to Computer Controlled HL Server has been disabled because of a constant barrage of Spam attacks. To login to the server, connect, as usual, to: and use the login: ccguest

For those people with accounts already established on the server, there will be no interruption of access. The FTP access will remain the same. Sorry about the incovenience to anyone.

ReBirth Mod Construction

September 8th, 2000

Techno Box, was my first serious experience with Adobe Photoshop and with computer graphics. I’ve learned quite a few things since that project. This page will feature a notes about techniques I’ve picked up in the past few years.

Working in High Resolution

One way to get finer details in your rebirth mod is to work with graphics at a Higher resolution. After you’ve finished the graphics, then reduce them.

A recommended method in Adobe Photoshop is to open the standard component image then change the “Image Size” Resolution settings from 72 pixels/inch to 720 pixels/inch using the “Nearest Neighbor” setting. This will expand the image so that one pixel is now 10×10 pixels.

Now create your new graphics then save the file as a .PSD keeping your layers intact. “Flatten” the image, then change the “Image Size” back to 72 pixels/inch and save the image as a JPG in your new Mods Component folder.

This works well for getting some fine details in those button and indicator actions as well as creating detailed knobs. Also, this allows you to add text labels clearly without the anti-aliasing over blurring small font sizes.


One Thing I’ve recently had success with is defining a range of working luminosity. Rather than using 100% Black or 100% white, limit the range of brightness from 10% to 90% white. This allows an extra margin of brightness for shadowing and glowing effects. This adds a lot of depth to the Interface Graphics.

Non Standard Image Sizes

One little trick i’ve stubled on was that Graphics do not have to be exactly the same size as the standard components. You can Over Size and Under Size the images. This is a clever trick for making those knobs with numeric displays as well as oversized buttons and indicator lamps/switches. You can increase the size on just about everything to generate some cool effects.

The images are anchored by the top left corner (0,0) so if you increase the size they will overlap to the right and bottom of the image.

For example, If you increase the width of the image 12057.jpg (Top Transport Bar) it will overlap the right side panel - so you can create a continous looking solid piece along the top of the entire window.

Silence at the Start of a Sample

This little trick can alter the feel of the pattern playback. By adding a few ms of silence at the beginning of the kicks will give them a slight delay. This will make the snares feel slightly rushed. You can use this trick on any sample to alter the timing.


March 29th, 2000

TXT:: I’m just testing out something here. Showing my friend Jason how to use an FTP.

Zapruder Red

March 28th, 2000

MP3:: The first Visions Remix is in from Zapruder Red. He did a fantastic job tweaking out the samples in to a cool Trip-Hop groove. You can take a listen to the track on the Visions Remix Page.

TXT:: I’ve been engrossed in this new track that i’ve been creating in PT5.0 - Having MIDI incorporated into PT is fantastic - It doesn’t quite have the features of Cubase or Logic, but the MIDI sequencer follows the traditional “Simple and Easy to Use” Digidesign philosophy. I had to tweak out the MIDI latency compensation a bit. On my slow system, I set a large buffer size, but I’m able to get more than 8 tracks of simultaneous audio playing through with RTAS plugs working as well. The latency is horrible for realtime recording, but for arrangement and editing, it’s bearable.

Back-up Time

March 24th, 2000

MP3:: I set up an radio station which plays selections from the various projects I’ve worked on over the past decade. Check out Peff - The Definitive Playlist . It’s strange to look at this list of songs because they vary from one end of the musical spectrum to the other. I’m starting to think that my musical diversity is really odd.

I did the old ‘Car Stereo Test’ on some of the new tracks I’ve put out there, and damn i need to roll off some bass. Actually I mastered some of the tracks and reuploaded them to my sites. On that note, I’m sending in my monitors for a check and scheduling a hearing test soon.

TXT:: Pretty boring week here. I backed up 16 gigs of data, and made redundant copies of vital stuff. I really need to upgrade to a faster CD-R. This old 2x might not last much longer. I made 4 coasters during this last back up session.

Jackplug wanted a bio/link page to go on the RedStripe Promo CD. His project is coming together. Perhaps I just might make it over to London in May for the Red Stripe Party…eh…who knows…

I sent a copy of those Distorted TR-909 Bass Drums

I spoke with an old friend, Skot, from Superfuzz. We did some work together years ago, and he filled me in on the never ending saga of their battle with Warner Japan. We might do some work in the future - possible