March 21st, 2000

TXT:: Fooling around some more with that other mod I’m working on, and I came across a cool new trick on ReBirth. After playing with a real TB-303, I’m using this technique in ReBirth to emulate the sound a little bit better. Read all about it here: Techtips #12 (this tip appeared later in Keyboard Magazine)

RBM:: I finally got around to sampling the TR-909 running through the Sherman Filterbank distortion - The BD is sweet baby! Supah Phat and Supah Nasty! I also grabbed some TR-606 samples from Analogue Samples, Loaded them into the MPC and processed them through the Sherman Filter Distortion. After trimming things down and shaving off all the noisy tails, the results are looking quite promising. Now to plan out a GUI :-)


March 20th, 2000

TXT:: Messed around with Pro Tools 5.0 and MIDI for a bit today. It’s pretty cool having that capability, but i’m still trying to familiarize myself with all the new nifty features.

Thanks to Jackplug who helped me out with the stupid title bar on this page. Why didn’t any of IE users (win users) tell me that it was messed up in the browser! oh well. Better late than never i guess.

RBM:: There’s a small update to the Visions samples mod I added some of the pads into the unused sample slots. The mod has the same internal name so you should trash the old one before installing the new Visions_Drums.rbm. Download it from: Vision ReMix Sample Page

Visions ReBirth Mod

March 19th, 2000

Whoa…yeah a ReBirth Mod! I almost forgot how much fun these things are :-) There is a ReBirth Mod version of the Visions ReMix samples. The mod has NO GUI so you will have to use the Standard Interface to program it. It is also available on the Vision ReMix Sample Page

Remixing Visions

March 18th, 2000

MP3:: As I mention below, I’m opening up the samples from Visions for remix. I have uploaded the 16bit 44.1KHz .WAV format files in ZIP archives. For you people on smokin fat pipes, there is a single 20meg Stuffit Archive. Everyone is welcome to download the files, but if you use them for a release, please contact me so that I can explain how to word the licensing. This is Especially important if you intend to upload the songs to or other copyright conscious sites, or if you intend to release the mix on a label.

My latest track Paradigm Shift is a featured track on’s intelligent Techno genre–Hey!

My friend Karen Bentley, an amazing violinist, recently sent me a CD to encode and upload to The latest recordings are from a series of live performances with a percussionist, Ian Dogole. Check out their tracks here. You can hear Karen on several other projects on as well. She performs on the track Succubus on my page as well as the entire Succubus series and Konzerto by Stuart Diamond - a project I co-produced and engineered. Other Pages include: Electric Diamond, Ariel View, and Tesseract. Members of Tesseract are Researchers at Stanford University–the guys who developed FM synthesis and Virtual Modeling Synthesis technology for the famous Yamaha DX and VL series of synthesizers.

I also had the opportunity to record her playing the Hrimaly Stradivarius Violin — this was amazing. I’ll upload an MP3 clip of this session sometime later. Actually, I made a little ReBirth Mod with some of these sample, but it’s really bizarre so I’ve never made it public. Needless to say, Karen keeps me pretty busy with stuff :-)

TXT:: I installed Pro Tools 5.0 LE upgrade last night (it’s been sitting in the box since January). It seems pretty nice but it’s really not compatable with the old Audiomedia III card. Maybe I’m missing something, but PT5.0 doesn’t have the “Voice” enable features that PT 4.3.1 has. Importing PT4 documents into PT5 automatically assigns the voice settings and I can’t seem to change them. Oh well. I’ll go bug the guys on the digidesign message board to get the skinny. It almost seems like they are forcing me to upgrade to a Pro Mix or at least a Digi 001. some of the demo RTAS plug ins cause my system to crash, but removing them from the Plug-ins folder fixes that problem. It will be interesting to have the MIDI sequencer in Pro Tools.

To W. Merkle: What’s different in today’s posting? Click on it and find out :-)


Paradigm Shift

March 14th, 2000

14 March 2000

TXT:: PC to Mac Conversion project is done! The second Powerprint USB adapter and PrinterSwitch work like a charm. So the office automation set up is working without a hitch. A click of a button in Filemaker Pro automatically selects the appropriate printer and prints out the documents. Technology is a wonderful thing :-) The scanner also arrived today, and everything is running through a cheapo USB hub. I did some experiments scanning the TB-303 manual. There’s some cool stuff in there that people might be interested in seeing. I’ll post up some images soon.

Apparently Wolfgang Merkle, jesuspark’s bro, has a clue!

MP3:: I’ve finished up a new Cardioid Track! Paradigm Shift is now available for a listen on It’s a lengthy piece with lots of crazy sounds and drums. I started this track back in December before the Reason Project came up. I put it on the side to create the track Archer for the NAMM show.

Many of the noise samples are TB-303 sequences driving a Buchla through control voltage/gate modulation. Everything was recorded and arranged in Pro Tools. Other instruments used are a Korg Prophecy, Korg O1R/W, Studio Electronics ATC-1, Cheetah MS-6, Akai MPC-3000 & S3000XL. Effects include the Lex300 (now repaired see my pics) PCM-70, moogerfooger ring modulator and phaser, sherman filterbank, etc. I actually played the bassline by hand and looped it in Pro Tools — it’s not sequenced. There’s something about doing things “live” which gives a nice feel. Okay, so the rest of it is highly sequenced. I’ve been picking up some cool arrangement tricks to get those warp/nothing type of sounds :-)

Windows/DOS to MacOS 8 Conversion Project

March 13th, 2000

TXT:: PC to Mac Conversion Project is almost complete! I finished up the printer formatting for that damn database. It’s nice now since there are pop up menus for repetitive tasks (unlike the DOS version) and the Powerprint USB adapter working like a charm. I picked up a little USB hub and will be adding on a second Powerprint adapter for a multiple printer set up. I found a cool little control panel called PrinterSwitch by Daniel Schwartz of Brookline Software. What’s more, there’s a scripting addition which controls non PostScript printers. Applescript currently only handles postscript printers with the Desktop Printer Utility, the “Print Using” Scripting addition adds Scripting control to various printer drivers in the chooser - Very cool if you need to automate specific printing tasks. There are a few bugs with PrinterSwitch, but a stable work around is available. Whys is all of this necessary? Because my mom knows how to play games on the Mac, and automating it is imperative so she doesn’t interrupt me while I’m making tracks :-)

With all this database stuff, I’ve been inclined to learn SQL. I’m also working on a new website for my family (anyone with a clue can figure out the URL) Since the site is hosted on a MS-f#c%en-WindowsN freaken T server (it’s not that bad - i still think apache is faster and more reliable though), I’m trying to learn a little Cold Fusion. My Cousin Carole and her son Miles will be doing a lot of interface work on the new site from their G4:-) The interesting part is that all this web based database stuff isn’t much different from the old style DOS database stuff. PHP looks interesting - I like the fact that it’s open source and the fact that i’m a little familiar with the old dbase stuff. But since the site is served on Cold Fusion, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity. So I’ve ordered some books from - we’ll see how this goes. I’m hoping that all this knowledge will help me further develop my next version of Thanks Emmet for hosting the site!

Hardware Music

March 7th, 2000

MP3:: This seems as good of a time as any to introduce some new tracks I’ve been working on. This stuff is not ReBirth related and can be found at It’s mostly MPC-3000, TB-303, various Analogue, and Pro Tools stuff.

Xylox has included one of the Cardioid Tracks on his mp3 radio station playlist where he features various electronic artists on Thank you, Ray! Be sure to check out the music from Xylox, it’s really quite amazing! Click the banner and be prepared to Turn On, Tune In, and Space Out!