February 22nd, 2000

Rather than lose sleep over that damn mix, I’ve decided to track and export all the audio on Visions over to Pro Tools™. So I didn’t make it to bed (actually the couch) until 3:00am, but it was all worthwhile. Even the preliminary mixes are sounding 200% better than mixing through a Mackie. No offense to Mackie, it’s just that there’s so much more control in Pro Tools. Also I think I learned that mixing several sources through a single Reverb causes a lot of harmonic weirdness - especially with a dense reverb patch. By tracking each instrument individually with effects, the mix sounds so much cleaner and more spacious. This should be an easy mix down after the arrangement is set.

Native American Song Challenge

February 21st, 2000

TXT:: Ugh..I’m taking a break to rant a bit…I’ve been trying to mix down this track and slowly facing the fact that Pro Tools rocks. It’s basically a MIDI track I did in Cubase VST with some audio bits, but the problem is that I’m mixing it on a Mackie 3204. Each time I go through the mix, it sounds a little different. I’ve finally decided that the mix I did at 2:00am this morning works better than any of the 8 mixes I’ve done since. There’s something to be said for computer based automation. The effects aren’t so hot if you don’t have the horsepower in your CPU, but the automation makes life so much easier The track is for this little Native American Indian Electronic Song challenge set up by an avid listener on mp3.com. Check out the station for other works that people have been making for this challenge: Burning Bush - Native American Indian Song Challenge

MP3:: My submission for the challenge should be available soon from my mp3.com page. Please check out Visions. There might be some problems though since MP3.com has been facing legal issues with copyrights. They might assume that the Apache Indian Chants I used in the track are sampled illegally, but I have mechanical license to use them :-)

Archer Info

February 15th, 2000

REASON:: I’ve posted some detailed Information about the track Archer [Mix 2]. This chart details what sounds are synthesized, the loops used, and the samples used. Also the effects and control voltage modulations of the various devices.

Tage sent me this e-mail:

“BTW - On the NAMM show, Marcus was asked to make a bitmap of a full rack to show in a powerpoint presentation. Unfortunately he picked the Archer rack and went to work. The final bitmap was something like 6700 pixels high with a few devices still folded. That would mean a rack some three meters high stuffed with gear :) /Tage”

3 meters high - That’s a lot of gear :-)


Archer [Mix 2]

by Peff. Made with Propellerhead Software Reason.

Reason Modules Used: 34 Apple PowerMac 8500 G3/300 192Mb RAM
Comp-01 Final Mix Compression  

reMIX mixer

reMIX mixer #2 Chained

RV-7 Digital Reverb

CF-101 Chorus/Flanger

PH-90 Phaser

DDL-1 Digital Delay Line

Matrix Sequenzer: CV Curve Modulating Panning

Dr: REX playing funky drum break ReCycle file (164Kb) Comp-01 Compressing Break.REX
Dr: REX with Amen loop ReCycle file (316Kb)  
Dr: REX Playing Wah-Wah loop ReCycle File (384Kb) Slices Panned to various positions
Dr: REX Playing Scratch loop ReCycle File (772Kb)  
Dr: REX Playing 303 sequence ReCycle File (568Kb) Comp-01 Compressing 303.REX
Subtractor: Bass  
Subtractor: Ring Modulation FX  
Subtractor: Reedy/Accordian sound  
Subtractor: Pad sound Matrix Sequenzer: Modulating Filter
Subtractor: Organ sound  
Subtractor: Second Pad sound  
Subtractor: Crash/Noise splash  
Subtractor: FM lead

Matrix Sequenzer: Modulating Filter

D-11 Distortion

NN19 Sampler: Intro Stereo rumble sample (992Kb)
NN19 Sampler: Metallicon+ Vox Sample (336Kb)

ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter

Matrix Sequenzer: Modulating ECF Envelope trigger/CV Curve Modulating Panning on reMIX#2

NN19 Sampler: Tweaked Guitar Chord Sample (632Kb)
Subtractor: Drop Bass drum
Dr: REX Playing Electro Loop ReCycle File (468Kb) Comp-01 Compressing Dr: REX

Archer Credits

February 13th, 2000

MP3:: I’m such a dumbass! I keep forgetting to post my thanks to T.G.Virus and SpinThis! for the sample production on Archer.

REASON:: I used a sample from the Metallicon+ Mod from the ReBirth CD. This sample was loaded into a sampler module and routed through a Filter effect. The Matrix sequenzer modulated the Filter for a PCFish type of sound. The Scratches were originally intended for the track, Keep Going, but I used them in Archer instead. I took a few seconds of Spin’s Scratching, imported it into ReCycle, and Created an REX file. The Scratch.REX file was then loaded into Reason’s Dr.REX player. A MIDI track in Reason’s sequencer controlled the REX segment playback.

Peff.com Domain Name Secured!

February 9th, 2000

I’m happy to say that after 2 years, persistence has paid off. Someone has been squatting on a particular domain name, and their registration with network solutions inc. has expired! I got lucky and registered the domain before it was renewed, so this site will finally be located at Peff.com

Actually, I might revise this site or perhaps create a new one. This depends on whether or not I have any real REASON to do it :-)

MP3:: Archer [Mix 2] MP3 file is now available from my MP3 page. It’s a better mix with more dynamics in the drums and some other Reason Subtractor sounds.

Archer - First track created exclusively in Reason

February 7th, 2000

MP3:: I’ve been reworking my latest track, Archer, made with REASON. The new mix is a bit different from the current demo MP3 file available on the Propellerheads website. It should be available shortly from my MP3.com page. Keep an eye out for Archer [Mix 2]

NAMM 2000

February 5th, 2000

Reason:: Well I’ve been down in Los Angeles this week for the NAMM convention. This is my first visit to the convention and I’m definitely not disappointed. The thing is HUGE and it’s a gear freaks paradise (or hell). It’s a bit of torture to see so much stuff you really want but can’t afford.

I met with Ernst, Marcus, Peter and Tage as well as Jesuspark and his brother. Last night we were out drinking where Marcus and Tage made the joke that they should have a Gearaholics Anonymous session set up at the convention. 12 steps to recovery from Gear Addiction.

Other highlights for me was the chance to meet Robert Moog and Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi of Roland Corporation, Japan. I wont even begin to go into details about equipment, but I’ll just say that there was a lot of nice stuff.

My sincerest thanks to all of the Steinberg people and Ernst and the Propellerheads for the invitation to come to the show. I had a great time and It was very nice meeting all of you. Thank you also to Ken at Digidesign, Paul at Manley Labs, Gail at Big Briar, Paul at Summit Audio, the guys at Studio Electronics, and Ron at Neumann.

MP3:: A new track created exclusively with the new Propellerhead’s Application, REASON, is now available from my MP3.com page. Archer [NAMM 2000 Mix] Make sure to check the song story for information about preproduction.