NAMM 2000

February 5th, 2000

Reason:: Well I’ve been down in Los Angeles this week for the NAMM convention. This is my first visit to the convention and I’m definitely not disappointed. The thing is HUGE and it’s a gear freaks paradise (or hell). It’s a bit of torture to see so much stuff you really want but can’t afford.

I met with Ernst, Marcus, Peter and Tage as well as Jesuspark and his brother. Last night we were out drinking where Marcus and Tage made the joke that they should have a Gearaholics Anonymous session set up at the convention. 12 steps to recovery from Gear Addiction.

Other highlights for me was the chance to meet Robert Moog and Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi of Roland Corporation, Japan. I wont even begin to go into details about equipment, but I’ll just say that there was a lot of nice stuff.

My sincerest thanks to all of the Steinberg people and Ernst and the Propellerheads for the invitation to come to the show. I had a great time and It was very nice meeting all of you. Thank you also to Ken at Digidesign, Paul at Manley Labs, Gail at Big Briar, Paul at Summit Audio, the guys at Studio Electronics, and Ron at Neumann.

MP3:: A new track created exclusively with the new Propellerhead’s Application, REASON, is now available from my page. Archer [NAMM 2000 Mix] Make sure to check the song story for information about preproduction.

Project X revealed! Propellerheads Introduce Reason

January 28th, 2000

Reason:: Go to the Propellerheads website and check out Tage’s New Users Area. Just do it and you will be happy :-)

Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2000

Best wishes to everyone in 2000!

RBM:: The Niftywerks FTP server is currently off-line. All of the ReBirth MODs and Other related files will not be available until later. Sorry for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, Check out the Planet-ReBirth Archive or the official Propellerheads Software Archive.

Rubix 303 Patterns

December 17th, 1999

303:: A new Project 303 update from Rubix! This one is longer than usual, and I put a lot of edge on the screaming square waves.

Red Stripe Mod

December 16th, 1999

RBM:: The Red Stripe mod is finally here! This is a joint collaboration with jesuspark (infernalizer mod), JackPlug (The orchestrator and knob creator) and myself. This is the mod used to create e-priori available on my page. If you were skeptical that this track was created entirely in ReBirth, then you can now see for yourself.

Red Stripe-dnb.rbm is Brought to you by and Red Stripe Beer from Jamaica

RBS:: The demo song is available on my RBS page if you don’t know how to find the demo songs in the RBM files. e-priori(red stripe demo)

Here’s some additional Red-Stripe Info:

Red Stripe Sample Information
BP = Bass Phase TR808 BD Roland MC-202 + Moog Phaser
ST = STutter TR808 SD 1 TR909SD1 (snare) sample stutter variation
the variations refer to TR808 SD 2 TR808OH (tambourine) sample stutter variation
samples in the mod TR808 SD 3 TR909HT (Crash) sample stutter variation
NOT a Roland TR-909 TR808 SD 4 TR808HT (Loop Kick) sample stutter variation
TR808 SD 5 TR909SD1 (snare) sample stutter and pitch variation
OT = Over Tones TR808 SN 1-4 Oberheim OB8 Sync percussion random overtones
UB = Upright Bass TR808 LT Upright Bass Hard Attack (C#)
TR808 LC Soft Attack (B)
TR808 MT Upright Bass Soft Attack (G#)
TR808 MC Pluck slap back (F#)
LP = Loop TR808 HT Drum Loop (default 140-2bars long)
RP = Reverse Loop TR808 HC Reverse Loop and snare roll (works best on even steps)
WT = WaveTable TR808 CL A 5th PPG Wavetable
TR808 RS E 5th PPG Wavetable
TR808 MA G# 5th PPG Wavetable
TR808 CP C# 5th PPG Wavetable
MF = Modulation/Filter TR808 CB EMS VCS-3 Ring Modulation/Filter Effect
VX = Vox TR808 CY Female Vocal
TM = TaM TR808 OH Tambourine (live sample)
RM = Ring Modulation TR808 CH EMS VCS-3 Ring Modulation Descending
KD = Kick Drums TR909 BD1-BD4 Kick Drums correspond with Snare Drums
SD = Snare Drums TR909 SD1-SD5 KD1:SD1, KD2:SD2, KD3:SD3, KD4:SD4&SD5
SB = Sub Bass TR909 LT Sub Bass (Prophet 5)
BP = Bass Pad TR909 MT Prophet 5 Bass Pad (D)
CR = CRash TR909 HT Crash Cymbal
RS = Rim Shot TR909 RS Dark Rim Shot
BG = BonGo TR909 CP Bongo
H1 = Closed hat 1 TR909 CHH Closed Hi Hat (Originally Corresponds to BD3:SD3)
H2 = Closed Hat 2 TR909 OHH Closed Hi Hat (Originally Corresponds to BD1:SD1)
VC = reVerse Crash TR909 CCY Reverse Crash Cymbal (TR909HT reversed)
RC = Ride Cymbal TR909 RCY Ride Cymbal

Breathe Remix

December 10th, 1999

MP3:: A new Remix of a track, Breathe by the infamous Tom Aragon and a Swedish performer Lizette is available from my MP3 page. Sorry no ReBirth used on this one. You can find more remixes of Lizette and Tom on the Breathe Remix page.

This marks the change of an era for me. I’m working on a new project and studying up on some new production techniques. Normally when I create a mod, I build a song around it. This time, I will be working on some songs outside of ReBirth, then creating a mod from those elements. Stay tuned…

Matthias Shill’s Pattern Master

November 16th, 1999

303:: More of Jonas’ patterns are now available for download. Actually, one is a repeat at a different tempo. I’ve also made some 303 program charts to help program and convert ReBirth patterns to the TB. You can also check these out. They are kinda useless unless you actually have a TB-303, but I know a few of you out there might find these handy :-)

Hey Hami, CC needs a mod update, we’ve got a sh*tload of new mods on the server.

LNK:: Check out Pattern Master by Matthias Schill- a cool little WinOS application which gives you a graphic piano roll interface for programming ReBirth RBS patterns. Once you’ve got some cool ones, please submit a few to Project 303 :-)