Breathe Remix

December 10th, 1999

MP3:: A new Remix of a track, Breathe by the infamous Tom Aragon and a Swedish performer Lizette is available from my MP3 page. Sorry no ReBirth used on this one. You can find more remixes of Lizette and Tom on the Breathe Remix page.

This marks the change of an era for me. I’m working on a new project and studying up on some new production techniques. Normally when I create a mod, I build a song around it. This time, I will be working on some songs outside of ReBirth, then creating a mod from those elements. Stay tuned…

Matthias Shill’s Pattern Master

November 16th, 1999

303:: More of Jonas’ patterns are now available for download. Actually, one is a repeat at a different tempo. I’ve also made some 303 program charts to help program and convert ReBirth patterns to the TB. You can also check these out. They are kinda useless unless you actually have a TB-303, but I know a few of you out there might find these handy :-)

Hey Hami, CC needs a mod update, we’ve got a sh*tload of new mods on the server.

LNK:: Check out Pattern Master by Matthias Schill- a cool little WinOS application which gives you a graphic piano roll interface for programming ReBirth RBS patterns. Once you’ve got some cool ones, please submit a few to Project 303 :-)

Project 303

November 15th, 1999

303:: The first user submission is now available! Thanks Jonas for the contribution to the project.

Birth: Hardware ReBirth

November 13th, 1999

JPG:: I’ve added some images from the workbench. Check out “Birth” my hardware equivalent of ReBirth — sort of. It consists of Roland’s TR-909, TR-808, TB-303, and MC-202. All of the units are synchronized via Roland Proprietary DIN Sync cables. A Sherman Filterbank acts as a PCF and Distortion Unit, and I have a Dedicated Digital Delay box and discrete compressor (not in the picture). This sucker is a lot of fun to use, but it’s quite different from ReBirth. It’s a lot more tedious to use, and saving songs is not as convenient. It does sound super phat :-)

303:: In honor of Birth I’m starting up something new called Project 303. This will be a collaboration where ReBirth Users can contribute an RBS file with a single 303 pattern, and I will transcribe the pattern to my Roland TB-303 and digitize a sample. I will make the samples and RBS files available for download free for public use. I have already started the archive with a couple of ZIP archives for people to check out!

MP3:: New Track up! This is a little experiment using a midi file from J.S. Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D minor (TBWE 565). Available now from my page. Check the Song Story feature about how the track was assembled.


October 13th, 1999

whew…long time no update!

RBM:: I’ve been busy on a collaborative project which will be released in the near future (estimated time of release: about a month). If you want to hear a preview of this project, check out my latest track, e-priori.

MP3:: This track is currently available for download off my page. It was created entirely in ReBirth and uses the double time 32 steps per measure technique. It’s a mellow little track grooving at 338 bpm.

LNK:: Several People have sent me links to their ReBirth Related web sites which I’ve added to my list of links. There are some cool tracks out there.

Remix & Stuff

August 25th, 1999

MP3:: I have a couple of new tracks available. Keep Going [Funky House Mix] which has been online for awhile and Rays of Dawn [eclipse mix], a remix of an original song by Tokyo3

RBM:: Well, Hami has fallen off the face of the planet, so the final touches for the graphics of Dejenerate Oxydized Edition are on hold. You can get a preview of the new knobs in the RBM listing, and I will probably put a beta test version of the mod on Computer Controlled’s ftp server soon. Check back here for more information.

There is another very interesting project in the works right now…and I’m not talking about project X either ;-)

MOV:: The animations are off-line temporarily while the server is upgraded this week.

O3 Games

May 16th, 1999

O3 Games :: I’m not really a game player, but a friend in Sweden (also a fellow rebirther) who produces sound for O3 Games asked me to do some voice over samples for their new game, OUTFORCE. The developers are in Los Angeles this week for the E3 convention and are showcasing the new game. So if you happen to be there, please visit their booth and say hello;)