Into the Nebula Video

April 18th, 1999

MOV ::It’s finally here. Into The Nebula - The Movie . This has been a big project that i’m pretty much sick of after the past months of putting it together and struggling with production descisions across the globe. But it’s done, It’s available for download. Hope everyone took my advice and installed Quicktime 3:). There are two versions available: a 15 frame per second version which should work on most modern systems, and a 30 frame per second version which requires a minimum of a Pentium II or 604e Power PC. The Nebula Video Mix will be available in MP3 format shortly.

MP3 ::I’ve mastered and uploaded a copy of a track i made with Dr. Bruno’s Dark Star mod. Block Out is now available for download in MP3 format. Thanks again to Dr. B for producing such a cool sample set.

Well, now i can get back to mod making…uh maybe…

More Music

April 16th, 1999

RBS&MP3 ::I’ve added some old tracks laying around on my hard drive as well as a new track. As a general rule of thumb, every rbs track i do, i try to incorporate a totally new technique for using rebirth. Some odd little trick to add a touch of originality to the track. This time it’s a nifty little flam/swing combo on the 909. Check out 3pm.rbs for standard rebirth or 3pm.mp3 and a little cover tune EHKSPhyles theme for the peffedit.rbm.

Hardware Repairs

April 12th, 1999

JPG::I’ve added a picture from my workbench. Real World style of mod making:-) Actually it’s just another piece of gear that needs some maintenance. Seems like this stuff is never ending… Click on the JPG link. This unit actually got a bit dirty, so i’ve been washing the motherboards. (don’t ask…it’s a long story).

RBM::Also, I’ve got a new mod in the works. I have a feeling that this will just be a sample only type of mod, or i will pop one of my generic GUI’s on it. I’ve named it Sync. Inspired by -=cIRCLE=- who asked me how to get that hard edge sound out of synths that kind of sound like distorted electric guitars (kind of a overdriven metallic sound). These sounds are created on my sequential circuits Prophet 5, with the two oscillators in “sync” mode–hence the name. I’ll load up a little loop of the mod on my startup page soon.

April Stuff…

April 6th, 1999

Quicktime™:: So what do you think about the little loop on the start up page for this site? Made with the minimod! If you don’t have the Quicktime™ 2.0 plugin for your browser, you probably can’t hear it anyways. You’ll get a message below also saying that you need the plug in. Sorry, windoze people, I’m on a mac, and QT3 is the standard.

Computer Controlled::There were just too many gifs in the menu bar on the side here, so i’ve revised things a bit. Opting for a simpler look for faster page loading. The links to the mod pages are not linked yet. So in the meantime, go to Computer Controlled to check out the latest in the ReBirth Mods. Recently, I joined the collaborative effort known as Elektrisches Descent and worked on their latest RBS release, “Into The Nebula”. If you haven’t already checked it out on the ElekD pages on rotorkopf. I will probably have a remixed version posted here soon on my RBS page-which should still work.

10 Stupid Answers, an Unfinished RBS track, and an unkind photo:: I also answered those 10 Stupid question’s on wing’s pages. I guess trying to be funny just isn’t my thing. Oh well… you can see for yourself:-p For those Non ReBirth Using visitors, I’ve uploaded one of my tracks, Phunxtacy (radio edit) to, but if you already have RB2.0 you can download the RBS track from here and the mod and remix your own version:) It sounds much better than the mp3 version.

Im still trying to finish up some other old mod projects. Hopefully soon! but you never know, It’s tax time here and I’m getting ready to do my ritual last minute taxes

Soft Blue vs. Axiom Peace mod

April 2nd, 1999

Been a while since i’ve updated the pages. Mainly because i’ve been working on another Video Project which should be coming out soon. So keep your eyes peeled :-)

On The mod end, There was one small addition, Soft Blue Vs. Axiom Peace. Someone had asked for a customization of the two and o.i.n.k. and i agreed to put together this custom (no graphics) mod. It’s actually a very interesting combination of sound pallettes.

Some people emailed me about the image of gear I had posted here. Here’s an image with labels.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter!

Minimod Variations

February 18th, 1999

Hello and happy short month to everyone!

I’ve been busy offline rewiring/repairing some gear. There’s nothing like the smell of solder flux to get you going:-)

Anyways minimod is now available in 3 different flavors. minimod(b6).rbm, minimod2.rbm and minimodIIIc.rbm and can be downloaded from the niftywerks ftp server or through computer controlled hotline server. There are some slight differences between b6 and 2. The organ and piano sounds on version 2 are longer and fuller and richer sounding (these are the original minimod samples). b6 has shorter less full samples which don’t clip as badly as version 2. Also, in version 2 the 808 cb now has a string sample. IIIc is a way off tangent with some vocoder loops and some of my favorite juno filter pad sounds and some memorymoog+ samples, and some crazy female vox samples off of a Roland Dance Expansion ROM.

I’ve also been fooling around with some animation stuff (besides knobs). The result is an imagined Alien First Contact with ReBirth. Available in two forms. Real Video 5 or MPEG Video. Click on the First Contact Link for more details.

Factory 188 Webcast

January 23rd, 1999

If you haven’t already checked out Factory 188’s real audio webcast, click on the link :-) The Niftywerks guys have a lot of cool music playing off their uh.. computers and sometimes they even spin live

I’ve been tweeking out the minimod. There are new knobs and some new samples added. Also, i’m trying to figure out a sure fire way to eliminate those sample retrigger pops on the bass organ sounds. For those of you who have gotten earlier versions, your tracks may not work with the latest version. Check out the new screenshot of the mod and/or download minimod(b4) and try it out your self.

Any feedback is welcome, and please send me tracks that you are working on so that i can test out the sound set.