Factory 188 Webcast

January 23rd, 1999

If you haven’t already checked out Factory 188’s real audio webcast, click on the link :-) The Niftywerks guys have a lot of cool music playing off their uh.. computers and sometimes they even spin live

I’ve been tweeking out the minimod. There are new knobs and some new samples added. Also, i’m trying to figure out a sure fire way to eliminate those sample retrigger pops on the bass organ sounds. For those of you who have gotten earlier versions, your tracks may not work with the latest version. Check out the new screenshot of the mod and/or download minimod(b4) and try it out your self.

Any feedback is welcome, and please send me tracks that you are working on so that i can test out the sound set.

Regulator Mod by jb & Cipher

January 15th, 1999

Happy New Year to Everyone:-)

For anyone who hasn’t seen Regulator Yet, Go to the Computer Controlled Website and Check out this amazing new ReBirth Hack!

Not much else new going on these days, i’ve hit one of those creative brick walls. So I’m just putzing around taking it easy for now. I’ve been experimenting with a new sample set which will probably go into a new RB mod, Modyssey!

In the meantime, I will be finishing up Minimod…only problem is that i haven’t really created a demo song, good enough to include with the final release of Mod.

Hope everyone has a fruitful and creative 1999.

Adaptor Mod update

December 29th, 1998

New Adaptor mod available for ReACID, while we wait for DJLoop to release New Versions of his 1.5 mods:)

Also, Minimod has gone through a revision. Some of the samples where causing phase problems on the earlier version. So this is Minimod beta 3. Some of the Graphics have also been updated. Im still working on a demo song as well. So enjoy this version and please send me feedback on problems that you have or suggestions that i can make to this mod.

Thanks and Have a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

December 24th, 1998

Well, due to lack of HD space on the Niftywerks FTP server, theMinimod Download is going to have to wait, however, you can download a preview version. The final version will be slightly different, so check back soon for an update:)

Hami has just updated the Computer Controlled Website, and I did a small history of how “Mods” got started…as far as i know how it happened. If anyone has any comments, corrections, or amendments, please let me know.

I was watching the Christmas Broadcast from St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican and I couldn’t help noticing that the Pope uses Neumann Microphones! Hehe, I guess that isn’t really surprising. I’ve heard of other Churches having stock piles of old U-47’s, and it only seems natural that the most amazing Cathedral in the World has the most amazing microphones in the world!

Odd Twisted Thought: It’s a bit ironic that the Pope and Howard Stern actually have something in common–they use the same brand of microphones.

I’m not really sure about all this since the logo was rather blurred on the screen, but I could make out a red diamond on the side of the mic. In the spirit of imitative flattery, i’ve been designing some new logos around other famous logos from the Audio world. One of my favorites being Roland (naturally), and another one of my favorites being Telefunken (German Audio Company which was the predecessor to the current Neumann gmbh)

The new start page of my site has one of the new logo ideas, and below is the second idea:

I’ve also revised my pages for more rebirth mods that you can download off the internet from other mod makers pages, as well as other cool ReBirth ReLated sites.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday!

Minimod progress

December 19th, 1998

Minimod is near completion! Check out the GUI. The samples are a collection of various “Garage” style Synths, including the Casio CZ-101/1000, the Korg M1, Roland Juno-106 & TR-909 (new samples) and Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

I’ve also posted some new songs, including the Propellerheads ReBirth Christmas Song Challenge Winner, The little Drummer Boy (lil dnb mix). I’m considering doing a rewired version and posting the MP3 version at sometime… Plus a new track, Experiment in G Major, done in collaboration with WiSK.

If you’re like me, you’re probably busy doing your taxes for 1998, so that you can have a real Happy Holidaze and spend those extra profits on new equipment purchases before the beginning of the New Tax Year. hehe;-)

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday, and check under my christmas tree for a present on Christmas morning.


ps. I really don’t celebrate the holiday, but that doesnt mean I don’t get caught up in the spirit of things. Check out some of my holiday E-mail Greeting cards from my friends.

New ReBirth Songs Online

December 11th, 1998

I have uploaded some new tracks of mine. Please check them out. Comments criticisms are always welcome.

Minimod is taking some shape in terms of sounds. I’ve opted not to give it an entirely moog sound, but there will be some nice analog samples in it. I’m trying to track down a font called “Digital” which i had but lost some time ago.

Technobox mkII is online and is now available for download. This mod will work with 1.5 technobox songs but has a different 909 than the other techno box variations. This mod has been submitted to the propellerheads for their scrutiny, and pending “officialization”, Techno Boxsong makers may be able to send in their tracks for the official Propellerhead’s Song Archives.

Hami has published some more of the tip and tricks/technical advice pages that I put together on the Computer Controlled website. Some information about RBS making using the PCF for some fancy filter work, Audio info, and some tips on Knobs for Mods.


New Technobox

December 6th, 1998

I have put some of my rbs songs online here. Click on the little RBS icon to go to the download page.

The Technobox series of mods has yet another revision: The Technobox mkII. I think i will send this one off to the propellerheads for their scrutinization and possible submission into their collection of Official Mods. Especially since they have reopened the old 1.5 rbs archives. This version incorporates a best of sample drums to date as well as the 808 set of samples from the Technobox TB-909e. This mod will be available from here soon.

There was a slight modification made to the RSP 1200 mod. The 808 Clave and 808 Clap sounds have been replaced. the Clave has been replaced with the SP1200 Finger snap samples, and the 808 Clap has been replaced with a more authentic sounding SP1200 hand Clap. There might be a second version of the RSP1200 which has more Authentic Tom Samples on the 909 section. I will keep ya posted.

The minimod’s graphics are almost done, but i have yet to start the sample set. I’m deliberating on whether or not to create a whole set of moog percussion samples on my memorymoog+. This might be kinda handy, but it would be one of those out-there utility kind of mods rather than an all purpose cool composition tool type of mod like the Axiom peace.