New ReBirth Songs Online

December 11th, 1998

I have uploaded some new tracks of mine. Please check them out. Comments criticisms are always welcome.

Minimod is taking some shape in terms of sounds. I’ve opted not to give it an entirely moog sound, but there will be some nice analog samples in it. I’m trying to track down a font called “Digital” which i had but lost some time ago.

Technobox mkII is online and is now available for download. This mod will work with 1.5 technobox songs but has a different 909 than the other techno box variations. This mod has been submitted to the propellerheads for their scrutiny, and pending “officialization”, Techno Boxsong makers may be able to send in their tracks for the official Propellerhead’s Song Archives.

Hami has published some more of the tip and tricks/technical advice pages that I put together on the Computer Controlled website. Some information about RBS making using the PCF for some fancy filter work, Audio info, and some tips on Knobs for Mods.


New Technobox

December 6th, 1998

I have put some of my rbs songs online here. Click on the little RBS icon to go to the download page.

The Technobox series of mods has yet another revision: The Technobox mkII. I think i will send this one off to the propellerheads for their scrutinization and possible submission into their collection of Official Mods. Especially since they have reopened the old 1.5 rbs archives. This version incorporates a best of sample drums to date as well as the 808 set of samples from the Technobox TB-909e. This mod will be available from here soon.

There was a slight modification made to the RSP 1200 mod. The 808 Clave and 808 Clap sounds have been replaced. the Clave has been replaced with the SP1200 Finger snap samples, and the 808 Clap has been replaced with a more authentic sounding SP1200 hand Clap. There might be a second version of the RSP1200 which has more Authentic Tom Samples on the 909 section. I will keep ya posted.

The minimod’s graphics are almost done, but i have yet to start the sample set. I’m deliberating on whether or not to create a whole set of moog percussion samples on my memorymoog+. This might be kinda handy, but it would be one of those out-there utility kind of mods rather than an all purpose cool composition tool type of mod like the Axiom peace.


RSP 1200 completed

December 5th, 1998

RSP 1200 is available:-) The demo song needs some work but the sounds are all in there. This is a pretty cool sound set. Thanks again to Zou-Zou for putting together this set of samples.
New Project in the works: the minimod. Along the lines of the RB-SEMx, the minimod is styled after a classic vintage analog synthesizer. This has been a pet project of mine for quite a while, and i’m finally getting around to bringing this idea into reality.

I’ve been busy making some tracks lately. Some of my latest AXIOM Peace tracks are in the latest song packs on the propellerhead’s site, and some Tracks for the Trancer Mod are available onCybernetique’s Trancer Mod web page.

The recent interest in “DnB” style of percussion sounds has me changing some of the Quantum Bass Mod samples. Getting the right tone is kinda difficult, but these types of Big Bass Drum Sine wave sounds work well with the Alpha Jungle 808 kit in the QB mod.

Also, i’ve been working on some new tips and tricks for rebirth and stuff which can be found on The Computer Controlled Website. Some PCF tips; Some words about Copyrights; Knob Graphic Tips; and Audio Tips… This stuff has kept me pretty busy this week. All that Turkey has kept the trytophan levels pretty high, and my consciousness level pretty dull ;-p

RSP-1200 update

November 30th, 1998

Hey a quick word before i clear the news here for November. the RSP1200 mod is near completion. The GUI interface is done…Now i’m just obsessive complusively tweeking on the last minor details, and waiting for HD space to upload it to the ftp. In the meantime, take a sneak peak at the near finished GUI:-)

Computer Controlled Website Launched

November 24th, 1998

The Computer Controlled Website is now up! Hami has done a LOT of work to get this sucker going. Please visit there for more in depth info about the different mods available. We try to stay on top of the ones currently available, both official and unofficial.

We’ve added some tech tips sections to the site as well, including some new hacking tips for ReBirth 2.0.1. Unfortunately, i’ve lost all my old pages, but if someone out there happens to have the tech info pages from my old web pages, I would really appreciate it if you could email them to me.

New in mods: I’ve just been taking a bit of a break from the latest collaborative effort with another friend, nicknamed, zou zou, who has put together a really cool sample set of SP1200 drum samples. In an effort to NOT make an OFFICIAL MOD, i am blatantly violating the rules in calling it the R-SP 1200 Mod and making it have the look of the old SP 1200 by E-mu Systems.

I have also had a request for the Alpha Jungle Mod 1.5 to be brought to the 2.0 platform. So i’ve incorporated the Alpha Jungle Samples into a new mod. This one is still being ironed out but is available for download. Check out the Quantum Bass Mod (UVJ.rbm)

Again, please send me any feedback about these mods, i’m always open to suggestions and critiques on how to make them better;-)


Niftywerks: New Host

November 11th, 1998

Niftywerks is now hosting this website. Man, the Xoom servers have been sucking big time lately. So I’ve moved the site to a private server. Hopefully things will be faster and more accessible. The site is hosted on a Supermac S900 with a Powerjolt G3 running MacOS 8 and WebStar 3 ;-) If anyone is interested in setting up a site hosted on a mac server, this is definitely the place to check out.

DO NOT CALL or VISIT The Offices of Niftywerks for Technical support for ReBirth or for assistance for Mod making.

Thanks to Ennis and the rest of the Niftywerks guys for being so generous this past year and a half in hosting the Computer Controlled Hotline/FTP server.

Factory 188 Real Audio Server, is also part of Niftywerks, and this is a shameless plug to help bolster net traffic to their Real Audio Broadcasts. Check it out, since they do play some really cool music 24/7.

ReBirth version 2.0.1 update has been released. Featuring the Vintage 303 synth mode, and I must admit the sound is different and has been somewhat missed. I guess there are going to be a few problems with this version and compatibility with old RBIs files, nothing severe, but just another minor inconvenience. One bug that I have found is with the delay–you cannot get 32 full steps of delay, it stops at step 26 or step 27.

MacOS 8.5 seems to be quite compatible with ReBirth RB-338 V2.0.1. But 8.5 is a RAM hog. My System Memory consumption jumped from 20Megs in 8.1 to 38 Megs in 8.5. Even in a very small installation (basic extensions) 8.5 still consumes about 11mb of Ram. So if you’re considering the upgrade, make sure you have the extra ram to spare. For Example: My old PB “Flaming” 5300c has 48megs of RAM, and I usually set ReBirth’s memory setting to about 24 megs…So I barely have room (not to mention the init extensions) to do anything but ReBirth on it. If you’re running a newer model PowerBook, make sure that you’ve got the RAM before you consider installing 8.5 and using ReBirth.

As far as ReBirthmarks go, based on some of my own rough unscientific tests, there really is no difference in the result based on the OS you are using with rebirth. The scores are pretty much the same, so it seems that upgrading to a newer OS doesn’t actually improve the performance of the application. ReBirthmarks, as far as macs are concerned seem to be wholly based on the hardware performance of your particular machine.

Now the latest in mods:
Due to the tremendous response and interest, thanks to THE STORM, et al., AXIOM_peace.rbm has undergone a total revision. In AXP rev 2, The graphics have been redone, and some of the samples have been changed or edited (the earlier version had some really quiet percussion samples that needed some dynamics increase) This Mod has been submitted to the Propellerheads in Sweden, for Officialization, and should appear on their website in the near future. If you really can’t wait, it is available now from or

Recommended Listening for AXP Rev2:
“Peace for Sideways” - AXP demo.rbs “Electronic Bird of Paradise”

The “digital xt4c” mod is also online featuring some killer vocal samples from an old session I recorded. The mod reuses the UV gui used in the the ReVerb+ mod. It’s definitely house music…and a little more;-) I have to admit i’m pretty pleased with the little 303 riff’s I pulled off on the demo track “Phunxtacy”

PhaseII, believe it or not is still in the works. One of these days, I’ll get around to it. Also the original dejenerate mod, too. Winter’s coming, so there’s more darkness which usually helps in doing these projects…

As usual, I hope you enjoy the stuff, and if you have a gripe, please e-mail me:

XT4C mod

October 27th, 1998

Ah it’s been a while….over a week, and back to pacific standard time as well! standard time is the best… it gets dark early.

Well, i’ve taken the “UltraViolet” GUI concept and combined it with ReVerb, into the ReVerb+ mod. New on the ReVerb+ is also a set of effected 808 samples as well as the 909. They are still all based on the AIFF files included with ReBirth Mod Packer. I changed the two of the 909 kicks to have more of a gated sound. I’ve already revised the 909 snares twice, and i ‘m still not exactly certain about their sound. One nice thing about the ReVerb mods is that converting the track to a standard version is really easy;)

Last Saturday the friggen power went out after a brief rainstorm, So i had some time to ummm. clean up and other stuff like that… the kinds of things you can’t do glued to a computer screen. And i came across some old session DATs with some nice vocal bits on it. I had to borrow some AA batteries, but poped that tape into a DATMan and started marking some nice outtakes to pop in to a mod!

“digital XT4C” will be a house kit. No question about that, since that’s what these vox samples were intended for. House 909 sounds, some funky acoustic drum bits and BIG Girl Vox samples! Don’t bother asking me to email you these;)

I found some other session scraps and bits that seemed interesting to pick up on again, as well, but was rudely interrupted when the power came back on, so i left those other tapes in the old junk drawer…winter is coming, and my power will probably be going out regularly, if we get floods again–So I’m saving that project for that day.

Also, “Bluefish[a]”, and “DR-330[a]” adaptors have been added to niftywerks ftp server.
Other bitz of news: MacOS 8.5 is pretty damn cool, things are faster than 8.1 but for the most part it runs really nicely. ReBirth 2.0 and 1.5 seem to work fine on it. And for GUI freaks, i just installed GoMac, the equivalent of a task bar in Windoze9x. It’s pretty handy not only does it auto hide, but you can import control strip modules into the task bar as well. It even has a “Start” button …hehe.