Knob Construction Kit and other stuff

October 9th, 1998

Moving the Website involved more work than i thought. Since I lost the original documents in a Hard Drive Crash, I downloaded the site from the geoshitty server. As it turns out each page was plagued with the geocities Java Script, so i basically had to reformat new pages for all of the HTML documents. What a pain… A problem with doing tedious stuff like that, i have a tendency to get bored and look for ways to make it more interesting, so I’ve been working on changing the pages around a bit.

Out of curiosity, i’m wondering if anyone is seeking knobs. I remember SLiCE or someone had mentioned that they were going to be creating some knob graphics for people to use on their mods. If anyone knows more about this please email me and let me know.

I made some basic knobs for others to use as templates in creating customized ReBirth V2.0 knob graphics. The archive has the 3Dmodels, Quicktime Animations, and the fullsize Photoshop Documents with layers, so that you don’t have to go through all the stuff I did, and you will get some pretty descent knobs with smooth, motion. I will probably include all the relevant files so anyone who is interested in learning about the techniques involved, and try them out for your self:-)

So if anyone is interested in getting ahold of these files, please contact me, and i’ll make them available for download, or email them or something, but please note that it’s a bit of a hefty file. 5 megabytes compressed which expands to 22 megabytes. The Big files are the 4 Photoshop 5.0 documents which have the different parts masked and layered–before they have been reduced. I will post up a small Jpeg only version soon for anyone else to use.


P.S. Get TRANSIT, i’m not getting an edorsement or anything, it’s just the best MacOS FTP Client Application that i’ve ever used–for any Mac Users out there who still use an FTP client to access info-mac hyperarchives or your web site host, (yeah, i know, Hotline is has made life so much easier, but it still doesnt do everything yet). Accessing my new web site is a piece of cake with this sucker, and the file transfer is quite quick too:-)

New Mod Idea

October 7th, 1998

I just had a crazy idea of a something that would probably be really handy. I suppose that i’m not the first person to think of it, but i have yet to see any other mods out there quite like the concept that i have. The New Mod is called “ReVerb”

ReVerb uses the standard components of ReBirth but i’ve added some dsp effects and changed some of the tunings on the percussion sounds. It’s pretty cool to hear some of your old favorite RBS Tracks with drums with a bit of the old reverb on it.

I will probably make the samples themselves available too, so if you want to customize your own RBM file

I’m having some problems with the snare drums, so the version that is available is not final…as usual. And there are no big graphics changes…it’s like the Peffedit.rbm

Casio VL-1 inspired ReBirth Mod

October 5th, 1998

Wow, seems like it’s been a long time since i’ve updated! A lot has happened in the last week, and i’ve been going crazy with all sorts of new stuff! 

I was listening to something on TV when i heard this song which had a little cheezy electronic drum loop mixed in. Every time i hear those distictive percussive sounds, it reminds me of my very first electronic keyboard–A Casio VL-1. It has a small white plastic keyboard with a built in speaker and the chiklet piano keys with numbers and rhythm pattern names labeled on it–the numbers are there when you need to switch it to calculator mode ;-)

So I sampled It, and I programmed the demo RBS with the same rhythm patterns preset in the VL-1. There are only 3 sounds used for these rhythms combined with the monophonic lead sound. It’s more a less a novelty, but one never knows when they need some cheeze. It seems like people use it occasionally on their tracks:-) 
The CHEZIO VL-1 rbm only modifies the 808 section. There is also an “adaptor” version, which will be available soon.

As far as the mod “adaptors” go, i’ve done a whole bunch of them. I really liked LoopTech 1.5, so i started to fool around with mixing and matching the 909 sections from 2.0 mods with it. Orbit 2.0 really complements LoopTech well.

There were a few very cool “unofficial” 1.5 mods that i liked, “Blackfish” and “Binary” and “Fatboy” to name a few. Through all this i’ve noticed one thing. All the mods sound better with the new RB2 909. The combination of sound pallettes is really fantastic. 

If you haven’t already tried this, I recommend converting some of the old 1.5 mods over to RBM’s. Use ReNovator or whatever, and drop the samples into a MOD folder and for the 808 graphics, make sure to get 12520.jpg - 12525.jpg and include them in the mod folder. I’ve been reducing the 1.5 splash and have incorporated it as well into the adaptor mods.

Since there are already about 10 of these that i’ve packed, i’ll put a list of links on the adaptor page for download.

PhaseII mod is put on hold indefinitely since the components for it were lost during my HD Crash. This is unfortunate since it seemed to be quite promising as a “useful” type of mod, too.

Dejenerate MOD has had some sample updates, however i’ve been having problems with the demo song. Something happened while i was cutting and pasting loops in song mode which made the file grow to about 230K in size. The synth samples have been compressed and equalized a bit so that they aren’t so loud and bassy. The loops have been adjusted a little and they sync better now. I will post it as soon as i can retrack the demo song.


Adaptor Mods

September 25th, 1998

I’m just curious as to when these other great 1.5 mods are going to be updated to 2.0 RBM files. Until then, I think i’m going to go ahead and start adapting some of them for the creators so that the drum sounds can be used with ReBirth 2.0

With the forthcoming 2.0.1 update which will feature the “Vintage” ReBirth Sound on the 303, having the 1.5 sounds in the RBM format will be pretty cool especially for playing your RB1.5 MOD tracks on ReBirth 2.0

If you are a 1.5 mod creator and have something against me doing this, please email me. Otherwise prepare to be assimilated…well in this case “adaptor”ed!


Oh, one other thing: I’ve signed onto the V3 DNS fowarding service, so you can reach this site by navigating to this new domain address:

Hard Drive Crash!

September 22nd, 1998

HD Crash!!!! Lost all my MOD Projects….Oh, well, good think i had just finished up AXIOM peace:-)

I lost all my webpage stuff, and email stuff. So I’m starting from scratch. Oh well, this is kinda nice –in a way. I get a new fresh start and other optimistic–bright side-crap like that.

Well, i have put an MP3 of “Peace for Sideways” online. you can download it from the AXIOM_peace splash screen page. But if you already have ReBirth 2.0 just download the mod. It sounds much better;-)


Peace for Sideways

September 19th, 1998

-=cIRCLE=- and i have been collaborating on a rebirth track.  He did some very nice drum work with the Axiom mod.  A bit of bad news came cIRCLE’s way in the passing of his beloved canine, “Sideways”.  This track is posthumously dedicated to Sideways. 

I worked out a little chord progression with strings and sampled them into the 808 section of the AXIOM Mod. This music combined with cIRCLE’s drum tracks (i beleive he had a bit of help from another friend, Cipher–co creator of the FatBoy Mod) resulted in a very stunning track.  I can’t beleive it’s just rebirth 2.0!  I also dropped in a big waterphone sample and some other effects.  The results were quite amazing, IMHO (in my humble opinion) 

The piece is kind of an ethereal dnb track.  So download the AXIOM_peace.rbm mod and take a listen to “Peace for Sideways”. I will make an MP3 available soon too.

my condolences to Davey for his loss


Standard ReBirth Edit

September 11th, 1998

I’ve been busy fooling around with overclocking this new processor.  I had it clocked up to about 333MHz, but ran into some extension conflicts when booting into a normal system…oh well it still smokes at 300MHz:-)

Peff Edit of the Standard Components is available, and a demo MP3 is also online.  I ended up pitching a few of the 808 samples and Compressing the 909 kicks for the final edit version.  Feel free to check these out.

I also worked out another little track for the PhaseII Mod, and did some more graphic changes.  I’m trying to find an aesthetically pleasing look for the knobs without altering the background, but everything looks wierd and out of place with these square background frames and a round knob–the old round peg in a square hole problemmo.

Also, i can’t seem to decide on a final soundset.  The latest sampleset should come with a parental warning with a mature content label.  Not that anything is explicit, but very suggestive.  I took a sample of a female voice moaning and put it on one of the tunable tom/conga’s on the 808 and tweeking the pitch creates an interesting sound effect;-) 
Check out the track for yourself: Peff–Destiny.mp3