Standard ReBirth Edit

September 11th, 1998

I’ve been busy fooling around with overclocking this new processor.  I had it clocked up to about 333MHz, but ran into some extension conflicts when booting into a normal system…oh well it still smokes at 300MHz:-)

Peff Edit of the Standard Components is available, and a demo MP3 is also online.  I ended up pitching a few of the 808 samples and Compressing the 909 kicks for the final edit version.  Feel free to check these out.

I also worked out another little track for the PhaseII Mod, and did some more graphic changes.  I’m trying to find an aesthetically pleasing look for the knobs without altering the background, but everything looks wierd and out of place with these square background frames and a round knob–the old round peg in a square hole problemmo.

Also, i can’t seem to decide on a final soundset.  The latest sampleset should come with a parental warning with a mature content label.  Not that anything is explicit, but very suggestive.  I took a sample of a female voice moaning and put it on one of the tunable tom/conga’s on the 808 and tweeking the pitch creates an interesting sound effect;-) 
Check out the track for yourself: Peff–Destiny.mp3


PowerLogix G3 Upgrade

September 2nd, 1998

Just Upgraded my System! with a 300MHz/300MHz bus 1Meg backside Cache from PowerLogix, and this baby is rockin!!! Prices were just slashed-Ridiculously low on these puppies, and I couldn’t resist! I guess the next generation of PPC 750’s are going to be coming out soon so the prices are falling fast;-)

Anyways, Just to let people know, ReBirth 2.0 is Running amazingly fast on this sucker. It takes about 3 seconds to switch between mods! Unbeleivable just click and boom! Instant Love. ReWire is smokin too!

Oh, after installing the new processor i lost some of my authorizations and had to reinsert the ReBirth 1.5 CD and 2.0 CD to reauthorize the upgrade. So as a warning to people performing the upgrade, this might happen to you as well. I suggest pulling out those authorization floppies and deauthorizing your software from your system before you do this upgrade.

Well, I’m off to overclock this sucker!


Phase II Mod

August 30th, 1998

I’ve been fooling around with different samples in the the Phase II MOD, I took some really clean Dry Tom Samples and compressed them externally for a nice round fat feeling. 

I’ve upped a little MP3 Sample of what the Phase II sounds like. It’s mostly the Same Samples as the RedShift MOD but i’m changing the vocal samples.

More Mod Pages On the Internet

August 26th, 1998

Hmm, no new mod ideas, yet…so i’ve put links up to other ReBirth 2.0 MODs Pagez around the internet.

Actually, that’s not completely true, i’ve been tweeking out the standard components for a track. It’s all the same samples, just different tunings on a select few so that the overtones harmonize when run through the distortion:) 

And i’ve been messing around with the RedShift Graphics and exploring the wonders of high res graphics for the ReBirth 2.0 GUI. 
Side Note: I got ahold of a copy of MacOS 8.5b7 and ReBirth 2.0 Runs great on it But I guess nothing less should be expected! 


RedShift Finished…New GUI trick Discovered!

August 24th, 1998

RedShift Mod is online and ready for Download. The oversized graphics check out on Both Platforms. 

It seems that rebirth checks the graphics by taking the total horizontal length of the jpeg then divides it by the number of steps. It also takes into account for a 1 pixel separation between each frame. The Vertical size is arbitrary, and the active area for mouse control is the entire frame, not just the area of the original graphic:-) 

enjoy RedShift 

RedShift - moving along…

August 21st, 1998

I’ve Uploaded a new screenshot of RedShift MOD for ReBirth 2.0. It’s pretty much done, but because of the resized graphics, I’m asking a few friends to test it out first before i release it.

There is an undocumented feature of rebirth 2.0 mods seems to allow one to change the button and knob graphics to various sizes. I’m not sure if this feature works fully cross platform yet, so until i’m certain that it will work without problems on Windows machines, it wont be available for download. 

Until then, you can take a listen to the MP3 demo that i just threw together using the mod;-) Click on the RedShift Splash Icon to view the GUI and download the MP3 file. 

Take it easy, 

RedShift Graphics Tweak

August 18th, 1998

I have finished the graphics — whatever that means — for the RedShift MOD. Now I’m just tweeking the samples out. I’ve sorta learned my lesson. I’m not going to release versions until i’m really satisified with the product. One interesting note about RedShift…It requires 24bit graphics capabilities to see the detail. (Millions of Colors) anything less will look kinda crappy. I might go back and dither all the graphics down to 16 bit…eh but why bother! It’s almost Y2K and if you’re using rebirth 2 you should have a system that will view in 24 bit graphics!