Axiom beta!

August 3rd, 1998

It’s a Hot One here today! Rarely do i need air conditioning, but today is an exception…I guess i’ll go get some sun instead, but I have posted a copy of AXIOM(b4).rbm Graphics are still the same, but the samples have been slightly modified/changed.

any suggestions before i make it final?

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Progress on the Axiom Mod

August 1st, 1998

I’ve finished a “very” rough version of AXIOM, but the sound set is not finalized. I started digging out some other gear to sample for it — not good since i get easily distracted playing with the stuff…

In the meantime, ive put together a list of some of the equipment i use to record samples for the mod. However, ReBirth Seems to be replacing quite a bit of it based purely on the ease of use and amount of productivity derived from it:-)

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TG Virus • ReMaker

July 29th, 1998

AXIOM Mod is coming along:-) I’m touching up the graphics and finalizing the sound set. I might have an MP3 demo up soon.

I’ve gotten some emails asking about a ReMaker for Mac, however as far as i know, no one has yet to create such a thing. However, I have had success using remaker under Emulation using Real PC running OSR2. Any Codewarriors out there want to take a shot at it?

Also, for anyone who is wondering why MP3? because it sounds good. If you can’t play MP3 files on your computer, then you wont be able to run ReBirth Either

I have a new email address, please send correspondence here rather than my old hotmail address:

ReWire and Cubase VST/24 4.0

July 28th, 1998

Working on the MODs a little bit more, but spreading myself thin. I might have to quit the day job:-) RB2.0 has been pretty integral lately in production of stuff so there’s not much time for obsessing over mods.

I started up a demo of Cubase VST/24 4.0 with ReWire and ReBirth 2.0 and I can honestly say that this is really really amazing. Even if you don’t run any effects with VST, or even add midi sequences or extra audio tracks, having the power to individually pan the sounds is so cool! I mamaged to get all rewire inputs running fairly smoothly on my 604e/233 with no additional audio hardware. Even with some dsp effects running, i still managed to use VST and ReWire fairly easily. Now I definitely have a G3 or a G3 upgrade processor on my wish list!

One special note - VST and ReWire didn’t crash :-) but bear in mind that i wasn’t programming a sequence. I was just mixing one down from a preset sequence. Check out Fred’s cool mix on the ReBirth 2.0 CD

I’ve taken some screenshots of ReWire and VST. Mind you i’m a long time Logic Audio User, and I don’t really like Cubase 3.5, but Cubase 4.0 is much faster and ReWire is so worth the investment (Thank goodness for the competitve upgrade plan)

This has a lot of potential…Especially with multichannel I/O cards and MDR’s like ADATs and DA-88’s. My next project might encompass taking a rebirth track, and tracking it to ADAT, then Mixing it down on my Neotek Series II console. Ah, but i need to get a I/O Card first:-P

I’ve also switched to Netscape 4.5 Preview Release 1… Which is a hell of a lot more stable than 4.05 i highly recommend it.

Dejenerate Oxidized Edition Mod

July 26th, 1998

Changing the site graphics around a bit…I’m getting tired of black :-o

started working on a new mod, too, AXIOM. I scrounged up some Proteus Samples which seemed pretty handy. And using a new idea for knobs where the indicator changes color as you rotate the knob… I’ll have a screen shot posted sometime soon.

Denjenerate Oxidized edition… has the sounds pretty much finalized. I’m just waiting for Hami to finsih the graphics.

If you haven’t checked out my friend moldy’s Real Audio Server, I recommend that you pay it a visit. We are planning to encode some rbs files to mp3 and broadcast them on the automated real audio mp3 jukebox:-) who knows what you might hear on there. Those guys at Niftywerks have really eccentric tastes. Don’t be surprised if you hear aphex twin mix into so some reggae / trip-hop boomin basslines. Squarepusher seems to be the flavor of the month.

I also came up with a new model for a vernier knob. I’m trying to get it to look like a vcs-3 (putney) and will create a panel that imitates one. This time i think i’m going to take images and paste them into the mod rather than try to conceive the whole thing from scratch.

Alpha3 and TB KodeVoder Mods

July 22nd, 1998

I’ve revised the Graphics on Alpha3 a bit, took AnthonyEID’s advice and made the 808 and 909 frame accurate numbers. BUT the sounds still need to be set, so i don’t suggest downloading this one.

Hami (binary edit/rhythm ace) likes the dejenerate mod so much that he’s going to be revising the GUI and were collaborating on a general version. I’ve inserted some very realistic sounding Drums on the 909 which sound great with shuffle. They have a nice balance with ambient reverberation. These samples are from the Bob Clearmountain Drum Series. They are normally Stereo Samples which sound phenomenal, but even in mono on rebirth they are pretty cool. Check back to see when it’s ready for download. Ive uploaded a track called “OXIDE.MP3″ which is a rough…really rough demo of this mod.

I’ve Added the TB-909e KodeVoder mod. Which has the standard TB-909e interface and a bunch of Vocoder Samples off of a Korg VC-10. There’s an MP3 demo available of this mod.

RB V2.0

July 18th, 1998

Welcome fellow ReBirth V2.0 users. Here are a few glimpses of MODs currently available or in development. Heh, this site is still being put together since i’m a total novice still. Trying out Dreamweaver from Macromedia (this application is frggin great!).

The MODs are Free for your enjoyment. However some of the MODs are ones that i have created for the development of songs and remix ideas. Use of the MODs for commercial song development may violate some copyright laws, but if you wish to publish your own remix of a particular track from one of my work mods, please contact me.

Click on the splash screen to get more information on the ReBirth 2.0 MODs. Screenshots and some Sample MP3 files are available for you to listen to. Not all are fully complete, but they can be downloaded and used.

Please Contact me if you come across some problems with the particular mod. You can email me at

I’m always interested in hearing tracks, too. Please send me some that you create on my mods.

Thanks and enjoy,