Reason Pro

People who offer their Professional Services with Reason. The services range from sound design, programming, production, and technical writing. Some are available for private training and lecturing. If you need a consultant for a Reason based production or Commercial Refill project, here’s a list of specialists I can recommend:

Ed Bauman

Ed Bauman a.k.a. EditEd4TV is offering one-on-one training on Reason, and it’s primarily based around the level of knowledge of the student and where they want to lean towards in the training: programming synths, learning the NN-XT and sampling, using the sequencer and automation lanes, CV control and tricks and ideas, recreating a song, etc. Ed also offers basic piano and theory lessons in Brentwood, CA at the Kazem.


G.W. Childs

G.W. Childs is a veteran video game sound/voice effects designer, musician, and is a featured artist and sound designer for Propellerhead Software. He has worked on over 20 video game titles including Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Mercenaries, and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Additionally, G.W. performs with the electronic/industrial acts Deathline International and Soil & Eclipse. Located in San Rafael, CA, he is available for programming, remixing, sound design, as well as one-on-one training, lecturing, and writing commissions.


Andras Haasz

Andras Haasz is a freelancer sound designer, synth programmer and refill producer. He runs his own company, PinkNoise Studio, located in Budapest, Hungary (Europe). He has 10 years experience of producing sound libraries, Andras is the founder and owner of, a popular independent refill website. PinkNoise Studio is a regular supplier of a number of major clients, such as Propellerheads, AMG, Musictech Magazine.


Josh Mobley

Josh Mobley AKA Neoverse is a composer, remixer and programmer/sound designer. Josh has worked on a variety of projects such as Scoring TNT Networks show “Wanted”, and Commercials for Disney and Panasonic. Being a Reason head, these projects were mainly written in Reason. Josh Is available for Custom music, remixing, programming. If you are in Pittsburgh, one on one lessons on getting the most out of Reason.

Aim/ichat: neoverse

Marco Raaphorst

Marco Raaphorst works as a composer and sound designer for his own company Melodiefabriek ( which is located in The Hague, The Netherlands. Marco is a sound designer for Propellerhead Software and powerFX and is involved in training and workshops for Reason in combination with Ableton Live Rewired together. Since 2003 Marco has been creating additional soundsets for Reason with Andras Haasz and Eric Corminier (France) under the ReasonBanks ( moniker. He works for many well known clients, ranging from Propellerheads, Ableton, to Heineken and RTL-tv.