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Tuesday, October 27th, 1998 | 9:39 pm and filed in ReBirth.

Ah it’s been a while….over a week, and back to pacific standard time as well! standard time is the best… it gets dark early.

Well, i’ve taken the “UltraViolet” GUI concept and combined it with ReVerb, into the ReVerb+ mod. New on the ReVerb+ is also a set of effected 808 samples as well as the 909. They are still all based on the AIFF files included with ReBirth Mod Packer. I changed the two of the 909 kicks to have more of a gated sound. I’ve already revised the 909 snares twice, and i ‘m still not exactly certain about their sound. One nice thing about the ReVerb mods is that converting the track to a standard version is really easy;)

Last Saturday the friggen power went out after a brief rainstorm, So i had some time to ummm. clean up and other stuff like that… the kinds of things you can’t do glued to a computer screen. And i came across some old session DATs with some nice vocal bits on it. I had to borrow some AA batteries, but poped that tape into a DATMan and started marking some nice outtakes to pop in to a mod!

“digital XT4C” will be a house kit. No question about that, since that’s what these vox samples were intended for. House 909 sounds, some funky acoustic drum bits and BIG Girl Vox samples! Don’t bother asking me to email you these;)

I found some other session scraps and bits that seemed interesting to pick up on again, as well, but was rudely interrupted when the power came back on, so i left those other tapes in the old junk drawer…winter is coming, and my power will probably be going out regularly, if we get floods again–So I’m saving that project for that day.

Also, “Bluefish[a]”, and “DR-330[a]” adaptors have been added to niftywerks ftp server.
Other bitz of news: MacOS 8.5 is pretty damn cool, things are faster than 8.1 but for the most part it runs really nicely. ReBirth 2.0 and 1.5 seem to work fine on it. And for GUI freaks, i just installed GoMac, the equivalent of a task bar in Windoze9x. It’s pretty handy not only does it auto hide, but you can import control strip modules into the task bar as well. It even has a “Start” button …hehe.


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