Computer Controlled Website Launched

Tuesday, November 24th, 1998 | 9:50 pm and filed in ReBirth.

The Computer Controlled Website is now up! Hami has done a LOT of work to get this sucker going. Please visit there for more in depth info about the different mods available. We try to stay on top of the ones currently available, both official and unofficial.

We’ve added some tech tips sections to the site as well, including some new hacking tips for ReBirth 2.0.1. Unfortunately, i’ve lost all my old pages, but if someone out there happens to have the tech info pages from my old web pages, I would really appreciate it if you could email them to me.

New in mods: I’ve just been taking a bit of a break from the latest collaborative effort with another friend, nicknamed, zou zou, who has put together a really cool sample set of SP1200 drum samples. In an effort to NOT make an OFFICIAL MOD, i am blatantly violating the rules in calling it the R-SP 1200 Mod and making it have the look of the old SP 1200 by E-mu Systems.

I have also had a request for the Alpha Jungle Mod 1.5 to be brought to the 2.0 platform. So i’ve incorporated the Alpha Jungle Samples into a new mod. This one is still being ironed out but is available for download. Check out the Quantum Bass Mod (UVJ.rbm)

Again, please send me any feedback about these mods, i’m always open to suggestions and critiques on how to make them better;-)


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  1. anim8r99 Says:

    Hey, Peff, first I wanna say that ur awesome! The mods, the songs, everything. I wish I knew a fraction of what u know! Anyway, I’ve been looking for the 7MB Funkbox mod. Think u can help me out? Also, I was wondering if there are any good tutorials for making songs for a COMPLETE NEWB like me?! Thanx a lot!


  2. Peff Says:

    i have that mod somewhere. can you email me and i’ll send it along.

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