Native American Song Challenge

Monday, February 21st, 2000 | 5:23 pm and filed in Music Software.

TXT:: Ugh..I’m taking a break to rant a bit…I’ve been trying to mix down this track and slowly facing the fact that Pro Tools rocks. It’s basically a MIDI track I did in Cubase VST with some audio bits, but the problem is that I’m mixing it on a Mackie 3204. Each time I go through the mix, it sounds a little different. I’ve finally decided that the mix I did at 2:00am this morning works better than any of the 8 mixes I’ve done since. There’s something to be said for computer based automation. The effects aren’t so hot if you don’t have the horsepower in your CPU, but the automation makes life so much easier The track is for this little Native American Indian Electronic Song challenge set up by an avid listener on Check out the station for other works that people have been making for this challenge: Burning Bush - Native American Indian Song Challenge

MP3:: My submission for the challenge should be available soon from my page. Please check out Visions. There might be some problems though since has been facing legal issues with copyrights. They might assume that the Apache Indian Chants I used in the track are sampled illegally, but I have mechanical license to use them :-)

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