Paradigm Shift

Tuesday, March 14th, 2000 | 7:33 am and filed in Music, peff.

14 March 2000

TXT:: PC to Mac Conversion project is done! The second Powerprint USB adapter and PrinterSwitch work like a charm. So the office automation set up is working without a hitch. A click of a button in Filemaker Pro automatically selects the appropriate printer and prints out the documents. Technology is a wonderful thing :-) The scanner also arrived today, and everything is running through a cheapo USB hub. I did some experiments scanning the TB-303 manual. There’s some cool stuff in there that people might be interested in seeing. I’ll post up some images soon.

Apparently Wolfgang Merkle, jesuspark’s bro, has a clue!

MP3:: I’ve finished up a new Cardioid Track! Paradigm Shift is now available for a listen on It’s a lengthy piece with lots of crazy sounds and drums. I started this track back in December before the Reason Project came up. I put it on the side to create the track Archer for the NAMM show.

Many of the noise samples are TB-303 sequences driving a Buchla through control voltage/gate modulation. Everything was recorded and arranged in Pro Tools. Other instruments used are a Korg Prophecy, Korg O1R/W, Studio Electronics ATC-1, Cheetah MS-6, Akai MPC-3000 & S3000XL. Effects include the Lex300 (now repaired see my pics) PCM-70, moogerfooger ring modulator and phaser, sherman filterbank, etc. I actually played the bassline by hand and looped it in Pro Tools — it’s not sequenced. There’s something about doing things “live” which gives a nice feel. Okay, so the rest of it is highly sequenced. I’ve been picking up some cool arrangement tricks to get those warp/nothing type of sounds :-)

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