Zapruder Red

Tuesday, March 28th, 2000 | 7:43 am and filed in Music, peff.

MP3:: The first Visions Remix is in from Zapruder Red. He did a fantastic job tweaking out the samples in to a cool Trip-Hop groove. You can take a listen to the track on the Visions Remix Page.

TXT:: I’ve been engrossed in this new track that i’ve been creating in PT5.0 - Having MIDI incorporated into PT is fantastic - It doesn’t quite have the features of Cubase or Logic, but the MIDI sequencer follows the traditional “Simple and Easy to Use” Digidesign philosophy. I had to tweak out the MIDI latency compensation a bit. On my slow system, I set a large buffer size, but I’m able to get more than 8 tracks of simultaneous audio playing through with RTAS plugs working as well. The latency is horrible for realtime recording, but for arrangement and editing, it’s bearable.

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