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Thursday, September 1st, 2005 | 9:50 am and filed in ReBirth, Music.

Years Ago when I started doing this webstuff, everything was about ReBirth, and I fashioned nothing but 338 Tracks… This is a collection of tracks made exclusively with the RB-338 and MOds. As a tribute to the end of ReBirth, I’ve posted up these songs in MP3 format. The adventurous can find some of the ReBirth Song files included with Mods along with a ReBirth RB-338, now available through the ReBirth Museum


I still love this track which uses nothing more than Standard ReBirth

Block Out

Uses Dr. Bruno’s Dark Star Mod.

Can of Vibe

Personal Favorite using Jonas Hagberg’s Polyvibe Mod.

Cardiac Mutation

Uses the Axiom_Peace Mod


Uses a custom ReBirth Mod

Deep-Spundae Morning Mix

Uses another custom ReBirth Mod


Uses the Phase II mod.


Uses a custom ReBirth Mod

Peace for Sideways

Collaboration with cIRCLE using the Axiom_Peace Mod

Phunxtacy (Radio Edit)

My favorite 303 solo in this track. Uses the XT4C Mod.


Uses Fredrik Hägglund’s Pitch Black Edition v2 Mod

Transparent Darkness

Uses the Axiom_Peace Mod

e-priori [studio mix]

Demo Song for the Red Stripe Mod - programmed in ReBirth and Mixed in the studio.

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