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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 | 11:12 am and filed in ReBirth, Propellerhead.

Well, I learned about the interesting musical history of New Orleans, LA through my research for the ReBirth Museum, a new website from the Props dedicated to my old friend, the RB-338. For the last couple of months, I’ve been putting together the site content. Obviously, I went a little overboard in the research department, but it was worthwhile and has started my new interest in music and recording history. The hardest part was trying to remember all of the things that happened back in 1997 and the people involved in the community and the events through the early years of the Propellerheads. The interviews with the props were a difficult task as well…most of them were on holdiay during this time. Fredrik Hägglund designed the site and transformed the content into the fantastic website.

It’s been a fun trip down memory (or lack of memory) lane. The time of ReBirth was unique, and I’m grateful for the opportunities and friendships I’ve formed from this bit of computer code. As a final gesture, the props have made ReBirth v2.0.1 a free download. There will be no more support, or updates…not even the Mac OS X version. I’ll be hanging out on the messageboard there for a bit to lend a hand to anyone needing some help with the install or finding mods and stuff.

Having heard rumors that ReBirth runs in Classic mode on Tiger, I finally installed it-after a massive back-up effort. Sure enough, ReBirth 2.0.1 runs in classic, but only when using the system audio outputs. I’ve routed the digital audio output into the audio interface so that i can monitor the signal. At first, the playback and latency seemed pretty dismal until i changed the RB prefs to the minimal latency settings. To my surprise, it works pretty solidly. Since it’s only been a few days, i haven’t sorted out a support doc for the museum site. I’ll see about putting one together for anyone interested.

As another token to ReBirth, I’ve dug up some old MP3 files of songs I made back in the day and posted them up on a Vintage ReBirth Song Page. It’s quite funny to listen to these old tracks. I can’t beleive how much patience I had back then. It was a different time, and being part of the ReBirth community was a lot of fun.

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