Triptronic TL Series Combis

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005 | 10:39 pm and filed in Reason, Combinator.

I’ve finally finished up the second longer Triptronic TL24 Combinator patch along with a few example files and posted them up on the Reason Files pages.

These effects are tape loop configurations that emulate a technique of a long tape loop setup concocted by Brian Eno and used extensively by Robert Fripp, commonly called “Frippertronics.” These are intended for experimental ambient loop sampling, so synchronization is not enabled – it’s about generating an unconventional looping vibe.

The effect patches are limited to a maximum of eight seconds (TL8) and 24 seconds (TL24), by using ganged pairs of DDL-1 Digital delay lines. Extra delay lines can be inserted in the chain to extend the delay time, and modulation routings should be assigned to delay time and enable parameters. The Delay Lines are paired to create a stereo signal path, and pan modulation of the incoming signal adds an interesting motion characteristic.

TL Series Control Parameters

DELAY TIME control universally controls the delay time of all four delay lines, so delay time is a factor of 4. Delay time ranges from 4 milliseconds to 8000 milliseconds with the TL8 and from 24ms to 24 seconds with the TL24. Changing Delay time will create pitch shift artifacts, but this setting should be set before feeding the patch signals.

RECORD LEVEL controls the feedback level from the last delay output feeding into first delay line.

MONITOR LEVEL controls a dry level that passes through the effect. If the patch is connected as a send effect, this control should be set to zero.

TAPE SPEED is a fidelity control that filters off frequency range using a Scream 4 Tape Saturation algorithm. This parameter is only available in “Tape” mode. This control also modulates the TAPE HISS generator.

STOP DELAY Switch immediately shuts down the delay devices and feedback loop. This button resets the sample loop.

DIGITAL TAPE Switch toggles between a clean, purely digital sample loop signal and an effected “Tape” simulation sample loop signal.

COMPRESSION Switch changes the Compression amount when the TL8 is in “Tape” mode. Disabled is a low compression setting, and enabled is a moderate compression setting.

TAPE HISS Switch enables the noise generator that simulates tape hiss. A SubTractor Synthesizer perpetually generates a low-level noise signal that combines with input signals and feeds back through the loop circuit. The Tape Speed rotary control will shapes the noise characteristics.

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