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Sunday, October 9th, 2005 | 3:04 pm and filed in peff.

After numerous tries, everything is almost finished with the site templates running on Wordpress.Thanks to Hami and others who have given me a crash course in CSS and tweaking WP, things have come together faster than i imagined.

I’m still dealing with the issue of the messageboard. I’ve set up the DC script template page with hacks of the page elements from the wordpress pages, but it’s pretty brutal. In an effort to get everything working properly, I’ve put the site online to see how it will function with the messageboard. This will be a temporary situation to see how it works. I might need to upgrade to the PHP version of the board from dcscripts.

The other concern is the IE6 for windows incompatibility with png images. There is only one instance of a png employed on the site, but it’s for the main logo on the masthead. I tried to gif it, but it looked horrible due to the slight alpha channel shadow. What’s worse, something in the stylesheet really tweaks out rendering. I can live with the funky image, but the bad formatting is unacceptable.

The rotating masthead concept seemed cool at first, but the images reload on each page-it slows down the page rendering process. I’m still deciding whether or not this should remain. The rotating image script is from Matt Mullenweg. Despite the time factor, it is cool to see the pages change :-)

2 Responses to “Site V4.0 progress”

  1. kage Says:

    This new wordpress system is neat! I was looking into doing something similar for my site, cause I’m sick of using Golive to update it.. I might have to give this system a go :)

  2. Peff Says:

    It’s neat, but somewhat limiting at the same time. You have webdesign experience, so you can probably wrap your head around it.

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