Vintage RDK v1.1

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 | 7:32 am and filed in Reason, peff, Propellerhead, Combinator, ReFill.


I’ve received a number of comments over the months regarding the confusing patch names for Vintage RDK, and so I’ve updated the refill with a new set located in the subdirectory “Vintage RDK Combis Named”. The original patch set is also included for those who prefer the original naming system.

Once again, these patches require the Reason Drum Kits 2.0 Refill. There are a set of REX loops included with the archive produced with the permission of Propellerhead Software, but the concept behind Vintage RDK is for people to create their own loops or crusty old drum tracks.

The patch name still includes the numbering system that refers to the samples used. For example Albright Kit (ALL 2B7 55).cmb uses the following sample sets from RDK 2.0:

Kick (BD) = BD2_ALL Y9k20×16
Snare (SD) = SDB_ALL YBC14×4 Hi Pitched Damped
Toms ( TM) = TM7_BR_ALL Y9k(3)
HiHat (HH) = HH5_ALL 15″ZNB
Cymbals(CY) = CY5_ALL 24″A-Z Riveted

The update is available here:

Peff 029 - Vintage RDK Combis v1.1.rfl

Named Patch List

Albright Kit (ALL 2B7 55).cmb
Alma Kit(ALL 3C6 61).cmb
Baxter Kit (ALL 4E5 12).cmb
Binzie Kit (ALL 5E3 16).cmb
Caroline Kit (ALL 5F2 22).cmb
Caroline Kit B (ALL 5F2 22).cmb
Cassini Kit (ALL 131 32).cmb
Cavendish Kit (ALL 7D2 66).cmb
Dexter Kit A (ALL 135 32).cmb
Dexter Kit B (ALL 135 32).cmb
Englmeyer Kit (ALL 171 53).cmb
Farell Kit (ALL 257 56).cmb
Forgne Kit (ALL 326 52).cmb
Fyve Kit (ALL 327 52).cmb
Fyve Kit B (ALL 327 52).cmb
Garrick Kit (ALL 472 16).cmb
Garrick Kit B (ALL 472 16).cmb
Gazette Kit A (ALL 495 34).cmb
Gazette Kit B (ALL 495 34).cmb
Harris Kit (ALL 498 66).cmb
Indigo Kit (ALL 573 62).cmb
Jenny Kit (ALL 621 52).cmb
Lasser Kit A (ALL 631 52).cmb
Lasser Kit B (ALL 631 52).cmb
Lasser Kit C (ALL 631 52).cmb
Mercatur Kit A (ALL 735 32).cmb
Mercatur Kit B (ALL 735 32).cmb
Murrah Kit (ALL 735 52).cmb
Murrah Kit B (ALL 735 52).cmb
Murrah Kit C (ALL 735 52).cmb
Nagai Kit A (ALL 771 53).cmb
Nagai Kit B (ALL 771 53).cmb
Nordic Kit (ALL 771 55).cmb
Parson Kit Brushed (ALL 777 5Br).cmb
Rudolph Kit A Brushed (ALL 797 5B-br).cmb
Rudolph Kit B Brushed (ALL 797 5B-br)b.cmb

Reason Drum Kits 2.0 is required to use these Combinator Patches

5 Responses to “Vintage RDK v1.1”

  1. Ingo Vogelmann Says:

    hey, this is a way creative idea you had there.

    THANKS man!



  2. Phillip Says:

    Hello Peff,

    How are you ? Fine I hope. ;-)

    Thank You Very Much ! ! ! 8^)

    With Much Gratitude Dude ! ! ! 8^)

    For The Vintage RDK v1.1 ReFill ! ! ! 8^)

    One Love.

    God Bless.

    Learning for a lifetime. ;-|

  3. Phillip Says:

    And Oh Yeah ! ! ! … ;-)

    I almost forgot… ;-|

    Thank You Very Much ! ! ! 8^)

    With Much Gratitude Again Dude ! ! ! 8^)

    For The 9 Combinator Patches, 29 Effects Configurations and 29 Other Reason Refills Downloads ! ! ! 8^)

    Gots To Love Ya For Dat ! ! ! ;-)

    One Love.

    God Bless.

    Learning for a lifetime. ;-|

  4. suspended in time Says:

    You are the Man!!!!

  5. Lilleslayer Says:

    Hi Peff!

    What a great job you did with these patches!

    I have been trying to create my own oldschool patches since getting Reason Drums and
    I must admit that they fail short compared to yours!

    Thank you so much :-)

    Keep up the good work, you rock!