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Monday, May 8th, 2006 | 9:41 am and filed in Friends, Propellerhead, Reason Users.


Finally…well over a year later, the SF Bay Area Reason Users Group managed to get together again for the annual dinner event last Saturday evening. Once again the group converged in the intriging town of Walnut Creek, California. Many thanks to Ed Bauman (EditEd4TV) for organizing the evening. It was nice to meet everyone and talk “shop”.


I was looking forward to seeing the old crew - Mike, Steven, John, Jon - however, they were unable to make it this evening. Ed, GW, and I were the only three repeats from last year, but we met up with Darin (dbooty) and Mark from the boards, and Mason, who I met the week before at RML. The only non Reason user in attendance was my friend John Hinson, but he fit in quite well with the rest of the audio-heads. I’m sorry that others missed it, but there will certainly be another get-together.


Ed suggested that we get together more often. Naturally everyone concurred, so we hope to organize something else before the end of summer. The consensus was to set something up where we could meet, bring in laptops, and play music - not just eat and drink. If any Reason User in the SF Area knows of a place where we could set up, drop Ed a line. For those who want to join in next time, Ed organizes things through the Propellerhead Software Users Forum.

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  1. Shawn McCain Says:

    I’ve recently moved to the western side of Reno. It is not far from SF. I’ve been an avid Reason user since the release of 1.0. Been in music production for about 9years now. Just curious as to how to join the club. Contact me.

  2. DrmsOfHvn Says:

    I Too Am interested in getting involved with this group. I’m in Sunnyvale, How do we join up?


  3. Steve Coleman Says:

    I’m in Fresno but I’d like to attend a group meeting. Please let me know when and where. Thanks.


  4. stefan g Says:

    i am interested in info about this group too. i have made music for 20 some years, lead a seven piece band out of oakland


    and have used reason for about 5 years.


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