Thoring in my Sleep

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 | 7:43 am and filed in NAMM.

My NAMM report is still on hold until I can finish up a few outstanding projects. I wasn’t in the best of spirits during the week leading up to annual Music Manufacturers Convention, but I’m certainly glad I went. The first day there was not without a bit of drama, but I learned a very valuable lesson: Never use when you know rooms will be scarce. Basically they took my deposit and did not verify that the hotel would honor the reservation. We were stuck in Anaheim without a place to stay because screwed us. I will never use that service again.

Fortunately we managed to find a place about a mile from the Convention Center, but I didn’t sleep well (if at all). Josh and I were on at 10:30 AM on the first day of the show, so no one was really there to see how tired I was. Unfortunately, the Propellerheads Press Person, Sara, cornered me into doing a little Thor demonstration for the guys at Sonic State. So feel free to have a look at me somnambula-thoring.

Sonic State Close Up on Thor Polysonic Synthesizer


I did manage to see a few cool things at the show, and hope to get the photos and reports posted soon. I’m still working on this indie-folk-yacht rock album and will hopefully finish the mixdowns this week!

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