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No not ReWire-ing…The old school type of hard line rewiring. I’m reconfiguring my workstation which seems to have massed a large number of unused power cords and audio lines over the years… not to mention the dust bunnies. It was basically a huge dusty tangled mess under there. I figured I would incorporate a 1/4″ patchbay (i have tons that software has made obsolete) instead of having a fixed wiring structure, but after a few hours, i was a little put off by the feel. Instead i’m using an old tiny telephone patchbay that also fell victim to the software revolution. The catch is that I have to manually wire it up. The actual work is not a problem, but figuring out how to arrange the points is taking a bit of time. So i’m armed with my trusty new soldering iron and wire strippers and trying to remember which devices are pin 3 hot. It will take a bit of time, but it’s certainly going to be worth the effort.

P.S. did i mention that i had to desolder a 48 channel snake from the patchbay? Uff! that did take some time!

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  1. davidkain Says:

    Looks like a blast, man! I’m tempted to up the hood of a few MIDI keyboards I have sitting around to do some repairs myself.

    Continuing with this theme, check out the custom controllers that Controllerist “Moldover” has built and is building. Some brilliant (and drool-worthy) gear.

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