CycleOn for Reason

The CycleOn for Reason Refill is available by license only. If you already have Record+Reason, you may download the full CycleOn Combinator Refill for free from the Propellerhead Software Website. The Peff 035x - CycleOn for Reason Refill features 12 Presets and 20 REX loops. Also included are 10 basic CycleOn template combinators with documentation to help you create your own CycleOn combinator patches for Reason 4.0. Loading several instances of this combinator may tax a slower system; faster, contemporary computers are recommended. Also note that Cycleon for Reason combinators load very quickly in Propellerhead Record.

Purchase CycleOn for Reason Single User License

The Single-User license is $30 USD, and orders are accepted through Paypal. Please click the Buy Now button below. Each order is individually compiled and serial numbered, so fulfillment of the order may take up to 48 hours.

Multi-User and Developer Licenses

CycleOn for Reason is also available for Multi-User and distribution licensing.

1. Multi-User, non-commercial distribution to up to 10 users
2. Developer, limited commercial distribution up to 50 users, no support
3. Developer, unlimited commercial distribution, no support
4. Developer, unlimited commercial distribution, 50 hours support

The support option includes 50 hours of development time. This includes customizing patch programming to work with your content, crossfader control sensitivity adjustments, and customization of the effect behavior. Graphic design and documentation is not included in the support.

Inquiries for multi-user, educational, and developer licenses should be directed via email