Reason Effect Configurations

Effect Configuration examples in Reason Song file Format

Thor Says Reason.rns

a little variation of the “I am Thor” patch where the formant filter is modulated to mimic the sound of Reason.


I just stumbled on this little trick to get a bit more crunch out of the scream 4 digital algorithm. Inserting a D-11 with the foldback setting around 64 enhances the glitchiness.


A few new patches for the P018 Rhodes Refill. Originally the refill was designed to use both the DI and Mic samples at the same time. This configuration uses two samplers with both sets playing the same part. Both samplers can be played simultaneously by routing the same MIDI source through two busses.

Loudness Comparison.rns

Demonstrates an alternative method of cabling stereo outputs into the Mixer by using two input channels rather than a single stereo input channel. More Info


Similar to the FakeVocoder-ReGated effect, RePass has a set of Malstroms used as Bandpass filters. The outputs are combined with at mixer module and Step events from a ReDrum open each of the pass channels. Reason 2.0 file.


This effect configuration emulates a spring reverb box. Great little effect for dubby stuff. Reason 2.0 file.

SonicMax Examples.rfl

This ReFill contains the example loop and RNS files of the Sonic Max and Stereo Enhancer Configurations. These effect configurations are designed to maximize output levels and add brightness and a bit of stereo enhancement to a Reason Song.


A menagerie of Matrix modulations to create interesting processed drum sounds.


A fairly simple example of how to create gating effects in Reason. One of those simple concepts that everyone should know about:-)


Something Tweaky I stumbled across


An example of using a Subtractor Generating a low frequency sine wave to create a sub harmonic generator.


This file demonstrates using a Subtractor Synthesizer as an Envelope Follower/Lag Generator. This is used to extend quick gate signals or reshape modulations


Inspired by the Martinsound Flying Fader Automation test routine, this little sequence automates a Mixer’s Faders to move in sine waves. Cool for showing off reason to your friends :-)


The supergating effect from ReGate is applied to the Fake Vocoder Filter Configuration from the Propellerheads Developer Zone. This provides a unique way to create rhythmic filtering effects.

Stacked Subtractors.rns

This file demonstrates a way of chaining Devices together to trigger them from a single CV Gate Source.


This is a supergating effect where you program gate messages using the ReDrum. This example has 10 Dr.REX players playing simultaneous loops.

Emulating RB338 PCF.rns

This effect configuration is an example of using the Matrix to create patterns which trigger the ECF filter module. Several of the patterns are transcribed from the pattern descriptions in the ReBirth Manual


Here’s a little effect configuration which will give those Dr:REX loops and Basslines a bit more punch.


This is a Distortion Array Configuration for use with the P003 - 303 Square Wave Bass Refill. S/H waves from Subtractor Synths Modulate various distortion parameters randomly.


This file demonstrates the phenomena of Phase Cancellation in Reason. Although it can cause problems, Phase can also be used to create some unique effects. More Information


This configurations uses the PingPong Delay and adds cross feedback cabling. Careful with the feedback settings, they can lead to some nasty results


This is a cool configuration for creating some nasty distorted Filtered Drum loop effects.


More Patch Building with subtractor. Similar to Exploring FM with more emphasis on the virtual analog aspect of subtractor.


A little real time tweaking of the Subtractor’s parameters. You can now watch how I tweak the settings to build a patch :-)


Hardware Configuration for setting up a Mono Input Stereo Output Multi-tap Delay with Feedback - be careful using the Feedback levels!


Hardware Configuration for setting up a Mono Input Stereo Output Multi-tap Delay.


A different configuration of Ping Pong delay which actually pans the Effect Send signal between two delay modules.


Example of Using a Matrix Module to generate an LFO curve synchronized to the tempo

MPC-3000 Grooves.rns

MIDI tracks extracted from MPC-3000 ReCycle! loops. Use these as groove templates for MPC quantization in Reason. These MIDI groove templates are used on Spectrasonics Stylus and Stylus RMX.


various Matrix Curves Modulating a Subtractor Synth Module