ReBirth Mods

The collection of official and unofficial ReBirth Mods. Right Click and save the link to disk.

adaptor {1.5mod}[a].rbm - Not Online

These are conversions of 1.5 Mods into RB2.0 RBM format. There are several different conversions and also some mixed varations on different Mods.


Miscellaneous Sounds with a Grey GUI. Nothing really special. This was and early attempt at a ReBirth 2.0 Mod. Alpha was developed as an RB1.5 mod and to minimize resources, the GUI is really simple with a small color palette.


Again, more miscellaneous samples, but i like the cool knobs on this one. This eventually became AXIOM_peace.


This was a cool little project, a variation of the Axiom but with added string samples, waterphone samples, and wavetable spectrum samples, and the Axiom Drum set.


A little 808 only modification where i sampled my first keyboard, a Casio VL-1. The sounds are unmistakable and the demo RBS contains patterns from the Casio presets.


This was a trial run for the next mod. Very hard edge sounding. I used some leftover samples from the SEMx project


Hami did some very cool Graphics. The 909 has a nice set of Acoustic Drum kit samples. Along with some of the Ripping samples from the dejenerate mod.


New Knobs, and New Sounds. This one may be going official. As soon as i finish the demo rbs. The version without a demo RBS is available.


This mod has a bunch of Classic House Music Samples that i heisted from various sources. When i say house, i mean old stuff like from the late 80’s early 90’s.


Nice set of Useful Samples for House Music, including those famous M1 organs, and some of my own 909 samples


The predecessor to the minimod (yes, backwards). The samples are richer sounding, but you need to be careful since the levels cause a lot of digital artifacts and some clipping.


Close to same drumset as the Minimod.rbm 909, but the 808 section has a completely different set of production samples including a some cool vocoder processed loops and big pads.


I tweeked some of the original rebirth samples so that the Drums would be a bit more in tune. This works great if you use the 808 drums with the distortion to get that tuned overtone effect.


A hodgepodge of ideas which resulted into a cool little track. technoish. I lost the photoshop graphics in a HD crash so the GUI remains Labelless.


Polar is my last ReBirth Mod. It features a number of slices from the Amen Loop as well as other cool samples intended for creating Drum ‘n Bass grooves.


A complete set of original samples that i created on my Oberheim TVS-1 analog synth with the famous SEM filters. The interface "Tries" to emulate the old analog module.


This Mod is a collaboration with Jesuspark and Jackplug. Created for RedStripe Beer. The mod has a variety of samples on the 808 including some upright Bass and Wavetable chords. The 909 is strictly drums with an emphasis on drum ‘n bass sounding percussion.


This was an attempt at a hip-hop sounding mod. Ripped some samples off these old vinyl sample 12"s You might even recognize where they’re from.


ReBirth with Ambience! 808’s only here. I just added some reverb to the samples and it give RB a bit more depth. Great for those who don’t have DSP effects or Plugins.


Just like ReVerb, except with a GUI and with the 909 treated with ambience.


Like the name says. The 808 samples are reversed. This mod is handy if you’re trying to get that reversed tape sound. However reversing a rendered loop does work better. More or less a novelty. No GUI

R-SP 1200.rbm

Probably one of my Best GUI’s, A friend came up with the sound pallette of old 12 bit SP1200 Samples, and I did my best to emulate the feel of the classic box. It’s a Classic.


Made by special request. Soft Blue by o.i.n.k. and Axiom Peace combined into one mod. customized especially for Equal, who created a very interesting track with the mod.


Senction asked me to remix a track for him, and i did it by using this mod. No GUI modification. As it turns out this is a handy little mod with the unique mix of loops and effects.

sync.rbm (beta only)

-==cIRCLE==- asked me about making some metallic sounds that seems to be a popular style these days. I dropped the samples of my prophet 5 oscillators in sync mode into the 808 snare section. Then added some other miscellaneous samples. This Mod was never completed. A beta version is available to download.


The TB-909e mkII was my first attempt at creating a version 2 of the technobox. I was still trying to get the samples right. I learned a lot of tricks on making mods with this mod.


My Friends in the UK, Hami, Jan and Phil made some cool Vocoder samples and i popped them into this mod, along with some samples from the TB-909e


The Return of the Classic! The First Official Modification of ReBirth for Version 2.0 Still probably one of the best sounding mods and one of my best GUI’s


This mod has the GUI from RSP-1200, with a set of acoustic drum samples courtesy of one bad assed drummer, u_gene. A well tuned kit with lots of brush hits. You might even recognize the drums from some of u_gene’s professional work which is rather famous


2.0 version of the Alpha Jungle Mod. I cut up this junglish loop and inserted the samples. Makes for some very cool drum loops. It also has some big bass samples (great for testing the resonance frequency of your room but watch your speakers)


Big Girl Vocals! and some cool punchy stabs along with my 909 sample set. Some of my best 303/PCF work in the demo song, "Phunxtacy"