Dejenerate Oxidized Edition Mod

Sunday, July 26th, 1998 | 5:22 pm and filed in ReBirth.

Changing the site graphics around a bit…I’m getting tired of black :-o

started working on a new mod, too, AXIOM. I scrounged up some Proteus Samples which seemed pretty handy. And using a new idea for knobs where the indicator changes color as you rotate the knob… I’ll have a screen shot posted sometime soon.

Denjenerate Oxidized edition… has the sounds pretty much finalized. I’m just waiting for Hami to finsih the graphics.

If you haven’t checked out my friend moldy’s Real Audio Server, I recommend that you pay it a visit. We are planning to encode some rbs files to mp3 and broadcast them on the automated real audio mp3 jukebox:-) who knows what you might hear on there. Those guys at Niftywerks have really eccentric tastes. Don’t be surprised if you hear aphex twin mix into so some reggae / trip-hop boomin basslines. Squarepusher seems to be the flavor of the month.

I also came up with a new model for a vernier knob. I’m trying to get it to look like a vcs-3 (putney) and will create a panel that imitates one. This time i think i’m going to take images and paste them into the mod rather than try to conceive the whole thing from scratch.

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