Synthesis Archive

Synthesizers are fascinating musical instruments that expand the range of timbres beyond conventional sounds. While most common types of synthesis attempt to imitate acoustic instruments, the real power of electronic music instruments lies in discovering completely new sounds. This page features information about various synthesizer systems-Vintage as well as Virtual.


Moog Modular V Patches - A collection of Moog Modular V Patches created with Arturia’s Amazing emulation software.

Buchla & Associates

Music Easel Program Card Image - 300 dpi scan of the 208-1 patch “card” for the system 200. Image contains a scan of both sides.

System 200 Images - Digital photographs of my Buchla 200 Modular Synthesizer - some available on flickr

Cycling 74

SM-16 Max/MSP Patch A max/msp patch that performs rhythmic pitch tweaks on samples. No Documentation included, so use the patch at your own risk.

ReWire Max/MSP 4.3.1 Max/MSP ReWire example patch. For MacOS 10.2/10.3. Not tested on Windows. This patch is still a little buggy. Before Reason will play, Reason must be brought to the front, then the Max transport window must be brought back to the front. Tempo settings must be made via the max transport window otherwise, the audio playback freezes.

Moog Music, Inc.

VX351 Resistor Network Installation - Directions on installing the VX-351 Output Adapter and useful advice for those attempting to open up the Minimoog Voyager housing.

Etherwave Theremin LED Mod - coming eventually, A LED driver circuit that adds a visual effects mod to the Moog Etherwave Theremin.

Propellerhead Software

Reason - The Reason file archive: ReFills, Effects Configuration examples, Songs, and tutorials.

ReBirth RB-338 - ReBirth RB-338 launched this site, and the entire original file archive is still online including all of the original ReBirth Mods.

Roland Corporation

TB-303 Chart.pdf - A Printable chart for transcribing TB-303 basslines. One Pattern per page. 160Kb.pdf

TB-303 Chart1.pdf - 4x Patterns per page modified by Dan Gendreau. This chart adds waveform and knob setting regions to the chart. 212Kb.pdf

TB-303 Chart2.pdf - 6x Patterns per page modified by Dan Gendreau. This chart adds waveform and knob setting regions to the chart. 248Kb.pdf

Project 303 - A collective study in the migration from Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 Patterns to Roland TB-303. RBS, AIF, and REX sample archives.