ReBirth RB-338 Archive

For More information about ReBirth and the relationship with this site, please visit the ReBirth Museum and listed on the links below.

ReBirth app for iPad

ReBirth is back for iPad! Long Live ReBirth! Song Archive

browse this page on mobile safari to download some of my ReBirth song files

The ReBirth Museum

Commissioned by Propellerheads Software, I researched and wrote the history of ReBirth for this website. Along with Mods and Songs, you can find information on downloading the full legitimate version of ReBirth RB-338 version 2.0.1

ReBirth Mod Archive

The ‘peff’ ReBirth Mod Archive which includes the official and unofficial mods. These files require a full functioning version of ReBirth RB-338 v2.01. Hey you can get this for free from the ReBirth Museum!

ReBirth Song Archive

Some of my Tracks created using ReBirth. Most of these files also require a full functioning version of ReBirth 2.0.1

ReBirth RB-338  MacOS X Classic Mode

Some tips on using ReBirth with Tiger in the MacOS 9.2.2 Classic Environment. Note: you must have a MacOS 9.2.2 system folder installed. More information about this in the article.

Prop Drop Filetyper Utility for MacOS 8/9

This is an Update to the RBS/RBM Filetyper. The new Drag and Drop utility now handles all the current Propellerheads Products. Drag and Drop your ReBirth, Reason, or ReCycle! Files on this utility to restore the icon and File Type/Creator data. MacOS Utility in a Stuffit Archive.

RBS and RBM Filetyper Utility for MacOS 8/9

Sometimes when you download an RBS or RBM file from the web, they have the wrong icon and type/creator codes. Drag and Drop your ReBirth Files on this utility to restore the icon and File Type/Creator data. MacOS Utility in a Stuffit Archive.

ReBirth 2.0 Mod AIFF File Renamer

Converts ReBirth 1.5 Mod AIFF Filenames to ReBirth 2.0 Mod AIFF filenames. This utility elininates a very tedious task. MacOS Utility in a Stuffit Archive.

PlaySamp.RBS Individual Sample Trigger

A ReBirth Song file which runs through all the samples in ReBirth. Great for use in rendering out the samples in ReBirth mods. Decrease the tempo for mods with long samples to isolate the sample release. ZiP Archive

UltraPan™ Stereo Effects

A set of ReBirth Song Files with hacked panning codes which pan the modules from Hard Right to Hard Right on 32nd note intervals. RBS files in a ZiP Archive.

UltraTweak™ Timbre Effects

Similar to UltraPan™, the UltraTweak effects flip the waveform switch on the 303 modules on 16 and 32nd note steps in ReBirth Song Mode. Copy and Paste these Song loops into your track to develop more interesting sounding waves from your bass line patterns.

“ReBirth of the Cool” - Article from Keyboard Magazine

A selection of techniques for getting the most out of ReBirth. The article featured in the July 2000 Issue of Keyboard Magazine is viewable online. Along with the Article are ReBirth Song Files which demonstrate each of the techniques discussed in the tutorial.

Mod Construction Tips

Just some notes on how to do things. This part is really incomplete. Working on getting some of the archived information from Computer Controlled included in this article.

Knob Graphics

This is a basic overview of how I create knobs for ReBirth Mods. There’s also a handy chart with all the basic animation data to help you calculate image sizes for non standard size knob animations.

Knob Construction Kit

One of the hardest parts of making mod graphics is creating knobs. The animation can get wobbly and rotate commands in photoshop don’t alway yield positive results. A set of Photoshop 5 files with layered graphics for implementation into your custom rebirth mods. 8.0Mb ZiP Archive.